Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thanks to Stephen Parrish for the encouragement. clicks to my latest piece on Huffington Post.


Stephen Parrish said...

Bittersweet. Well done.

Kim Stagliano said...

Thank you, Stephen. I owe you one, or are we up to three or four by now?

Tena said...

Hi Kim,

I'm having trouble with the link to your HP article. I'll try later.

SmartlikeStreetcar said...

Terrific article, Kim!

Those slice-of-life moments that tear a strip off you unexpectedly are the most poignant.

You touched this heart. More, please. Even as I wish for a world where kindness and compassion made these slice-of-life moments the exception, not the rule.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hello Streetcar! I THINK I've got a passwork to your site. I read it! I like it! I'll be over soon.

And are Streetcars really smart?


SmartlikeStreetcar said...

This streetcar sure isn't smart! :-)

The expression comes from the old Danny Thomas show... One character - I think - was an uncle who always used the expression:

I am strong like bull, and smart like streetcar.

Since I feel like I lost so many brain cells in the last few years, the shoe fits.