Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm Guessing Jen STILL looks nothing like Pam..... (the article is at the bottom of the post.)

You all know how I felt about the "Botox for Autism" folks out there in Michigan. This one just makes me laugh. A mother of three named Jen replacing her four year old saline implants with silicone now that they are back on the market.

Hey, Jen, what happens when you're 80 years old and your tits are higher than your jowls? Now that's gonna look a little odd...... I'm sure Dr. Kane will hike you up from your ankles, no worries. Medicare might not cover it though.

Jen, who likes long walks on the beach, a glass of Merlot and world peace says, "I just wanted to look good again. I just wanted that feeling I had when I was younger.

Wow. Three kids and she wants to feel like she did when she was younger? Wait forty years, sweetie, you'll be back in diapers and eating strained peas. Young enough for you?

I have made note (fun?) of the fact that my own breastulars are to Pam Anderson's what Dunkin Donuts Munchkins are to THIS. But I like myself. My husband adores me. And when I spend money on "uninsurables" they are my three kids with autism, not my boobs.

Two major elective surgeries in four years with three kids to care for, using a product so many women believe destroyed their health? Would you take the risk? For reconstuctive surgery after a mastectomy? Absolutely. I'd do the same thing. For sheer vanity and the delusion that breasts will make her look younger? Nope.

Here's the article.

Nearly 11 million people had plastic surgery in the U.S. last year. The No. 1 procedure was breast augmentation.

NewsCenter 5's Heather Unruh reported Thursday that now that silicone implants are back on the market, some women are eager to swap out their old implants.

Jen S is a makeup artist. Like many women, she feels a certain pressure to be perfect -- especially after having three kids.

"I just wanted to look good again. I wanted to feel that feeling I had when I was younger -- just for myself. Not for anybody else but myself," she said.

Four years ago, she got saline breast implants. They were the only choice at the time. She said that she was happy with them -- for a while.

"I've lost weight since then, so I lost a lot of fat underneath the skin, which kind of shows a little more of the detail of the saline bag," S said.

Saline breast implants can feel hard under the skin. The newly Food and Drug Administration-approved silicone gel implants don't leak when cut in half, and they're softer. Seidel-Walsh said that it was exactly what she wanted.

Dr. Dean Kane said women are switching out their implants for two reasons.

"One is because they want a softer implant, and two is they want a more natural look and not the round appearance of a firm saline implant," Kane said.

Kane performed S's procedure. Looking at her before shot, the definition of the saline implants is apparent. After the switch, she has a softer, more natural look.

"I am completely thrilled. It's a huge difference -- huge," she said.


Amanda should be on x-factor said...

Altogether now.."I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie wooorld, LALALALALA"

Did you get that record out in America? If not you really won't get it!!

Tena said...

I'm with you on the boob job issue, Kim.

Demon Hunter said...

Yes, we got that song over here. Too funny!

I agree. Boob jobs are stupid. The only way I will have surgery is if something is affecting my health. That's it. Cosmetic surgery is for people who have no self-esteem. If I can breathe out of my nose, that's good enough. If my boyfriend has a problem with my boobs, I'll make a change alright---and get another man, not boobs. My God, what did Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns go through Woman's Suffrage for in the 1800's, so that we could worry so much about vanity and still have men degrade women to the point where they think they're ugly? Some women don't deserve to be women. Sorry for the long comment, Kim. This just riles me up! :*)

Kim said...

I don't care if a gal gets implants, per se. Heck, if it was safe, easy, painless and guaranteed to never have a problem I might start saving my pennies for a set of genuine B/C's. Good luck, Jen is all I can say.

Lisa said...

I'll stick with my killer B's thank you, but I agree it's a personal choice.

If money was no object, I would be down for some dermabrasion. My dad was right, Irish girls are just destroying their skin when they try to tan.

Liposuction looks so violent, it freaks me out.

Kim Stagliano said...

And Tena, judging by your photo? You wouldn't need bigger boobs. You look quite beautiful.

mcewen said...

Too true! That said, I do have a lot of sympathy for women who 'reduce' - that really is a pain in the back.

Having had the experience of 40 inch boobs whilst nursing, I can see very little in their favour [apart from feeding baby]

I think an annual trip to GB to buy a year's supply of bras size AA is well worth the fare by comparison. [I know! Why bother with the trip when a couple of band aides would do!]

Tena said...

Thanks, Kim. That photo was taken when I was young and need the money ;-)

oh, it's just him said...

Hi Belle Curve. No woman has ever become more attractive by enlarging her breasts, any more than a man has become more attractive by lengthening his dick*.

(*How do they do that?)

M. G. Tarquini said...

I've been losing weight. I've promised myself a general 'lift' when I get to ideal weight.


yeah. Birthing twins at the age I birthed them did nothing for my physique...though I'd rather have the twins than a flat belly. But something in me yearns to be shed of the 'mommy belly'. It's not a bridge I have to cross yet. It's something I'm thinking about, for someday. And it helps me keep my weight reduction program on track.

John Elder Robison said...

It must just be a girl thing.

I never felt a desire for any of that stuff myself.

dallasgirl said...

Um, come visit Dallas...see what I deal with every day. Wow...they don't call us "cocaine and boob job capital" for nothin'!

Therese said...

Priorities, eh?

I'm too chicken to seriously consider any kind of cosmetic surgery...and too practical to want much if any of it. A lift, though, wouldn't go amiss.

p.s. I tagged you with one of those meme things today...

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi,Dallas girl! My sister is in Houston. Her step son's teenaged (as in 16) girlfriend got implants for her birthday.... EVERYTHING's bigger in Texas! New England is the tiny states and damn if I don't fit right in! :)

Therese, thanks! And good luck with your debut novel, Souvenir!

Kim Stagliano said...

And John? Big boobs are only a girl thing because they are a GUY thing. We don't maim our bodies, rip off our nipples, stuff our breast with artificial substances and resew our nipples back on, dead to the world and a man's touch, for ourselves. Don't let any woman try to fool you by telling you otherwise.