Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Short Bus - near miss!

I'm typing this in bold because my heart is still pounding. In an earlier post, I told you that my kids ride the special ed bus, and take a little extra time loading and unloading - and drivers get impatient (see "blowing by the short bus" post.)

Today, on this slick, chilly rainy day, my daughter's bus was stopped in front of our house (oh, yes, one of the best perks of autism is that you get the bus to come right to your front door, no sharing a bus stop with the neurotypical riff raff.) A police car happened to be directly behind the bus. I smiled at Johnny G man and waited for my daughter to get off the bus.

SCREEEEEECCCHHHH came a piddly shit Dodge Neon over the small hill before our house. Driver slammed on the brakes, slid half way off the road and narrowly missed the car behind the cop car. A chain reaction collision would have smashed right into my daughter's bus as she was climbing carefully down the step, left foot right foot stop, left foot right foot stop.

The cop cited the driver and now, I hope might consider a sign - not that "bus stop" or even "Slow children" (never did like that sign) will prevent drivers from speeding down my street.

Thank you Guardian Angel -- probably Archangel Michael, sent by my dear, departed father in law.



Harvey Moskowitz said...

It just goes to show that you should never buy an American car.

Trish Ryan said...

Okay, I had something profound to say, until Harvey's post derailed me completely. Kinda funny.

I'm glad your daughter is okay!

Laura said...

Scary! Glad your daugther was OK.
I hate the Slow Children sign, too.