Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mr. Fred Head (honest to God that's his name) accuses a Romance writer who is running for office in Texas of writing PORN. She wrote a mass market paperback called "A Perfect Romance" that was probably in every CVS in America. Back in 1990!

Check out to see this dental disaster of a man and his allegations about a Romance writer.

I’m sorry. I’ll say it up front. I know this is not a political blog. But this Fred Head is just a symptom of a much larger issue.

A) Mr. Fred Head needs to learn to spell – his extracts from the book are spelled Extraxts. Sooper, yes? Guess its that fine Texas education (ranking close to last in America)

B) He says this book goes against the Christian values of Texas? On a list of of divorce rates by states, Texas is #14. The Northeast, including my home state of Massachusetts ranks the LOWEST (#50) in divorce. Seems to me that staying married is a true Christian value as virtually all Christian wedding ceremonies have that “let no man put asunder” line, right? The top of the divorce pile are the bible belt states.

"Massachusetts and Connecticut rank first and second, respectively, for having the lowest divorce rates in the nation, according to new 1994 divorce data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Both states experienced a moderate drop in divorce rates between 1992 and 1994 to remain at the top of the list. Massachusetts fell from 2.8 in 1992 to 2.4 in 1994, while Connecticut fell from 3.1 to 2.8. Nevada once again had the highest divorce rate in the country, even though it experienced the most marked drop in divorce rates during the two-year period. Nevada fell from 11.4 in 1992 to 9.0 in 1994. The divorce rate per 1,000 population for the entire United States was 4.6 in 1994, down from 4.8 in 1992. Generally, rates were lower in the Northeast and Midwest and higher in the West and Southeast. "

C) Mr. Head ought to take a peek at Florida, a state as red as Mr. Heads face when we read that thar porn, and its Rep. Foley, who was allowed to ply his trade in young boys in exchange for fund raising dollars and a sure vote for an important state – and the leadership in Washington who turned a blind eye.

The hypocrisy is staggering. I’m willing to bet my last penny (it’s in my purse right now) that Mr. Head has watched Debbie Does Dallas on his Betamax more times that my kids have thrown their peas onto the floor. Here’s a thought, Mr. Head, want to protect marriage? Outlaw divorce. Hmmm, maybe not, huh?

Texas Christian Values? An insult to Christians, God fearing Texans of all faiths. Y'all gotta be kiddin me, raght?

(PS) The Combatting Autism Act DIED in Texas last week. Held ransom by Rep. Joe Barton after sailing through the Senate unanimously. He killed it and would not release it to a vote in the House, where it would have passed. A giant FU to my 3 kids and countless others.


Laura said...

Fred Head scares me. No, wait, his teeth scare me. And I'm sorry, comparing porn to romance novels doesn't even come close. Are you going to be more upset if your 7-year-old finds your romance novels stash or your Hustler stash? Er, not that I have either. I swear. I've only read one romance novel, and that was borrowed from a friend. ;) Oh, and my parents divorced when they lived in MA. That's kinda strange to read that they managed to divorce in a state that has the lowest divorce rate. Of course, that was in the 80s, and we're from the South, so they obviously brought their good Christian Southern values with them to Massachusetts!

Lawrer (I lived in MA for 8 years, so can easily remember how that sounds!)

Kim Stagliano said...

We have no claims to great morality in Massachusetts -- a certain clan down in Hyannisport sort of put the kibosh on that back a few decades ago -- but boy we get hammered as being sooo liberal and immoral when in reality, we're quite Puritanical except with a desire to leave people to their own decisions.

You're welcome here anytime, Law-Rah (better, yes?)


Ceridwen said...

Fred Head needs help. His site sounds like it was written by a fourth grader. The young People of Texas. Why is the P capitalized?

Oh, and I read your comment in the ChickLit loop about the cement geese and nearly died. I hate those dang things and would love to see one with gimp mask. Maybe a ball gag too...

Kim Stagliano said...
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Stacy said...

Ah, the joy of Christianity: Picking your Christian values due to your own preferences. (Unfortunately, I'm as guilty of this as any Religious Right supporter. My Christian values just happen to be a little different than theirs :D)

Kim Stagliano said...

So you admit to liking porn? :)

Alex's Dad said...

On the NewsHour tonight, political commentators Davud Brooks and Mark Shields projected disaster for the Republicans in next month's election. I would join you, Kim, in giving that same giant FU to Congress, the president, and countless legislatures that can't or won't support or pass human welfare issues.

Lara said...

Ok, so am I the only one who gets a complete and total giggle out of the fact that RWA headquarters is in Texas? :)