Friday, October 06, 2006


There's nothing like letting someone "new" read your work. In this case, my query letter.

Have you ever been in the bathroom at a bar during a date and you've checked yourself out 42 times to make sure everything is A-OK? Lipstick? Shiny. Mascara? Not Raccoony. Hair? Curling out of control but nothing I can do about that except pretend I look like Carrie Bradshaw which I don't. Forehead? Matte. OK, time to head back out to the table. And then when you bend down at the table to pick up your napkin you see the tile comet sticking of the left heel of your boot. CRASH!

I'm re-working my query letter. Even changing my title. The book was called "Find My Eyes" (which is a term related to autism encouraging eye contact and also connotes mystery.) Then I renamed it "Autism Is Murder" that title seems to be falling flat.

The query letter itself pretty good as is (the good stuff is thanks to JG, a fabulous writer friend) but isn't generating enough requests for partials, so clearly it's not good enough. This week I got some fantastic editing from a writer in Australia (isn't the Internet cool?) that I think will really help. It was her fresh look and detachment that helped her say "this works, maybe this doesn't" and with courtesy and kindness at that.

I'm feeling upbeat again about my book after a week of horrible news and sadness on TV and general malaise. Here's to a G'day mates!



Robyn Beliveau said...

Hey Kim,

Been reading your blog to my Mom and we are wiping the tears from our eyes - both from laughing hysterically and from the poignancy of your writing.

We have been struggling with our own hell concerning personality disorder (my brother married a narcisist and now we are estranged) and my mother has found great info from books written by Richard Skerritt ( Turns out, he too had trouble getting his manuscript published and did it on his own. He sells his books through the website. Maybe he can help you?

Somehow, we NEED to get you published.

Kim Stagliano said...

Robyn, you're too kind. Maybe you could get a job as a high powered NY agent in the next, oh, month or so?? Blood is thicker than water so keep the faith for your brother, he may need you very much down the road.


Robyn Beliveau said...

I hope he does, Kim, I really do. And I will be here for him.

And my resume just went out to the William Morris Agency...I'll keep you posted : )

Swishy said...

Those query letters can be tricky--sounds like you've made some good tricks. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I loved the originsl title of "Find my Eyes." You are in a unique postion to really share the world of autism with people and to share on a personal level the struggles and even humor in your daily life. This book is a powerful tool which has the potential to open many eyes. Good Luck.
Sue Wambolt

jenny gardiner said...

Not to worry, girl. Someone will pick it up someday...You're a great writer with a great voice!!!

TJBrown said...

Sometimes all you need are a pair of fresh eyes. Good luck to you!

Swishy said...

DUH. I meant, "sounds like you've made some good changes."

Although I bet you have plenty of good tricks, too.