Monday, October 30, 2006

Huffington Post

I'm waiting to hear if The Huffington Post is going to run my "Fearless Voices" submission, titled "Why President Bush Should Have Appointed an Autism Mom to run the war."

The submission is a blog entry that talks about what it takes to lead three girls with autism through the grocery store. The planning, the mental telepathy, the Kevlar shield over my heart as people stare at us. It's powerful and says so much about both the political world AND the autism world, which now, seem irrevocably twisted.

I'll link you if/when it runs.

Friday I'm attending a Backspace writers conference in NY. Not only is this a chance to meet agents and editors, it's a chance to interact with grown ups for several hours without ever having to utter "flush the toilet or did you wipe?" Joy!



Trish Ryan said...

This sounds FABULOUS - I hope they run it!

If Huffpo blows their chance, you should submit it to

Stacy said...

I'll just second what Trish said. Your article sounds great. You should have your own column in a magazine :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read your article. :) And have a great time at the conference!