Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Write on.

Wow, what a day. Oh, today is a writing post. If you were expecting an autism post the current mood in the autism world is simply too glum. I'll write autism later this week.

Back to my writing. I prefer not to say too much. Loose lips sink ships and require extra Botox to keep them firm and in place you know. BUT.... (Kim dons her 7th grade persona.)

I had a conversation with an agent today that simply knocked me over. Plop. Someone please pick up Kim. She's fallen and she can't get up. This agent has gone over the top, around the bend and through fire for me. He/she is NOT my agent. Say WHA-HUT? Yes. I can personally verify that agents are indeed carbon based life forms, complete with a very healthy heart and soul.

This agent is working with me to, well, to ultimately sell my book of course. After all, that is his/her profession. But working with this person (a successful NY agent) is unlike any experience I've had as a virgin writer.

I am completely excited about making edits, rethinking parts of my book, adding, subtracting, cutting out a character or two, beefing up some others and generally getting my MS to the next level. The level where agent X says "Let's dance."

How many writers are fortunate enough to have an agent take this time with her? Not many. Today was a good day for my book. I'm darn excited.

And on we go.


The Wandering Author said...

Kim, let me be the first to say congratulations! If you've got that far with an agent, the publishing deal will come. No agent, heart and soul or not, is going to put in that amount of work unless they're sure you can make something of it.

Editing yourself, of course, is tough work, but it gets easier as you go along. After a while, it can even be fun, seeing the new, polished work emerge from a rougher draft. And you know the work will be worth it! Again, congratulations!

Manic Mom said...

You don't need me to tell you how excited I am for you, but I will anyway:


ORION said...

Way to go!
My agent was phenomenal at seeing what would make the book stronger.
Many times they want to see if you're capable of this before signing you.
Good luck!

Anissa said...

Congratulations Kim! That's such exciting news. Your book will get better and you're one step closer to agentville. Please keep us posted on how things go.

All the best.

Stacy said...

Congrats! Sounds like you're getting very close.

Kim Stagliano said...

I'm having great fun reading his edit suggestions and formulating my revisions. He's like my Svengali without the evil intent! LOL!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Good for you Kim! Congrats!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Good for you Kim! Congrats!

Tena said...

Yes, it was a VERY good day for your book. Atta girl. I'm happy for you (and a bit envious) that you have the attention of Agent X.

Is this your first novel or have you published before? (Sorry if these questions have been discussed in previous posts. I'm new to your blog.)

Barbara Fischkin said...

Wonderful news. This is an agent who doesn't want publishers to see anything but the best work that can be pulled out of you. And that is a very good thing! It ain't easy but it's how the best books happen. So you are on the way!

Ed Wood said...

This is such exciting news!!!!

R & I will be keeping our fingers, toes, & whatever else we have crossed!