Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Armed and Dangerous

More dress talk - sorry. I'm looking for an outfit to wear to a wedding next weekend. Has anyone told the stores that it's January? In the North? Every damn dress is sleeveless. I really dislike exposing my arms and underarms in January. August? No problem. But in January my Italian/Irish/Venezuelan skin color is a cross between gray poupon and just plain gray. Ick.

The outfits with sleeves are dowdy - I don't have Italian grandma arms (yet.) Those are arms with the swingy flab where the good Lord intended triceps. I taught aerobics at a gym in Newton, Mass owned by Joe Esposito. He used to drill it into me - "Forget your legs, work your arms, Kim, or you're gonna get grandma arms!"

I can not wear a Pashmina with any skill (see previous post in blue) so that idea is out. Shawls remind me of Elvira. A sweater feels wrong for an evening wedding.


Post Script: Thank you ANN TAYLOR. Perfect twirly dressy skirt with funky sweater top with self-belt. And fabulous customer service. Everything was SLASHED - the $128 skirt was $29.99! I celebrated by cleaning out Williams Sonoma for the wedding gift.... Thank you for your sartorial assistance!


Trish Ryan said...

Ah, the dress dilemma. Such a bummer here in the New England Winter. Of course, if you just swath yourself in a giant pashmina, it doesn't much matter what you wear underneath, but perfecting that swathing is a lot to take on in a week...

Sorry I can't be of more help!

Tena said...

Check my suggestion in yesterday's post.

I hate looking for and wearing dresses.

Lisa said...

Kim - You don't need no stinking dress, go for black velvet or palazzo pants and a sassy jacket. I find that very user-friendly, especially if it's freezing cold.

Pashminas are a pretty dramatic article of clothing for just a big rectangle. My advice is,(and mind you, I can't tie a scarf to save my life) wing it and go bold, fling that end up over the shoulder like you mean it. What's the risk? No one is going to cite you for improper pashmina usage.

By the way, I'm the mother of a 7-yr old autistic boy whose got poop and agression issues. Never a dull moment, to be sure. Just discovered your blog last week, and have been stealing time to read through your archives. I greatly appreciate your sense of humor, especially when the ND community harps on you for all you do for your daughters. Every parent is charged with helping their children cope with the real world, why are our kids any different? Thanks again, Lisa

Lisa said...

Oh - forget the malls, go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Cleveland won't know what him 'em.

Kim Stagliano said...

Welcome, Lisa! I'm always cheered when a parent says my writing has helped him or her. As for those who express their dislike? That tells me I'm making an impact - and I've never shied away from conflict.

Do come back! And check out "THIS IS WHAT I DO" another great blog by an autie Mom.

Word ver?: HUNKBVMB Hunk Bomb?

ORION said...

Well, I had to laugh. In the high end stores here in Hawaii they sell long sleeved velvet dresses in the winter -- But like -- no normal clothes -- so when I go to the mainland I either have to buy or borrow when I get there.
Go figure.

ORION said...

BTW as a rebellious conventional educator, radical and soon to be author - I really DO have to sit down with you all and do a story on this issue!
You guys ROCK.

Kim Stagliano said...

ORION: Any time! - I can gather a COVEN of autie moms in the blink of an eye of newt. We're all yours Orion. We will have to meet in Hawaii though.

Lisa said...

Kim - any more info on that other blog? I can't find it. Thanks, Lisa

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi, Lisa. Go to the next post down on my blog and you'll see a commenter named LAURA - its her blog and you'll link right into it.


Laura said...

Kim, thanks for the blog mention! Glad you found something nice to wear! I hear you on the stupid clothes. Women love to wear sleeveless clothes in freezing temps, you know. The pantyhose on our otherwise bare legs keep us oh so warm, too.

Orion - I lived in tropical South Florida for a few years, and always wondered who was buying all the sweaters and winter clothes they featured in the malls. Then again, when everything is heavily air conditioned, it's 30 degrees colder inside.