Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1999: Regular unleaded: $.99 (I saved a receipt)
2000: Regular unleaded: $1.49
2008: Regular unleaded: $4.59 (today in CT.)


ahvarahn said...

2008: Regular Lager, stupidly cold: $3.85 (U.S. Average, and cheaper if you buy in bulk from your local liquor store fridge. Drink, Don't drive, forget about it.)

cheers me dears.

Kim Stagliano said...

Mmmm, Samuel Smith's Pale Ale! Or are you a Harp/Guiness man? I'll take a black and tan and remain home indeed! With those Jaffa cakes for sustence of course.

Cheers to you my Boston friend!

ahvarahn said...

I'm partial to the Guinness, aye Kim, but it's hardly the weather for it. I'd prefer a really cold lager, Harp perhaps, and if no one is looking, I might make it with 1/4 cranberry juice, and 3/4 beer. But p-Shuush, don't tell my chums I do that, or there'd be apoplexy among the Boston Irish. Very refreshing on a hot day all the same.

Good thoughts your way, and if we manage to gather by the grill soon, I'll raise a toast to you and your ones.

be well

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. You actually have a receipt from 9 years ago??!!!

Forget the gas prices -- the fact that you saved a piece of paper for the last nine years is the newsworthy story here.

Crap! I clean out my purse every night (think anal) and it would be a fickin miracle if I had a receipt from 1 week ago -- let alone 9 years ago!!!

Holly Kennedy said...

Amazing, isn't it?!!
Makes me ill.

Kim Stagliano said...

Kelli Ann, I admit, I no longer have the scrap. I kept it in my car for years though - $.99 - it was summer of 1999 and we were in Doylestown, PA. Today I expect over $4.60 in CT. It's frightening. I don't have $80 to fill my minivan more than 1.5 times per month. Good thing I work from home.

Holly, how's gas in Canada? Can we drill out your polar bears please so we can get 5 drops of fuel for our Hummers? PLEASE? LOL!

Josh Day said...

I'm partial to cherry wheat Sam Adams in the summertime... but I'd never say no to a Guinness any time of the year. Especially the canned Guinness... I swear I'm drinking from a tap.

If you're living on the cheap thanks to gas prices, I found a way to make pissy beer taste halfway decent. Pour a cheap domestic like Beast Ice (our old Sigma Nu name for Milwaukee's Best Ice, haha) into a tall lager glass, then add a half shot to a full shot of tomato juice. Throw in ice cubes, some lime juice, and, if you really want to go the distance, put in a green onion shoot which can be used as a straw. Also a dash of tabasco sauce and black pepper.

Bloody beer... sounds bloody awful but surprisingly good. Beau Bridges' character in Jerry Maguire drank these. I used to polish off one before chapter to get me through two hours of drudgery and whining.

Pyramid Hefeweizen is also excellent in the summer heat. Lemon juice and a couple lemon wedges are required.

Amanda said...

The news here is that the north sea has just got a whole lot more viable thanks to the increase in oil price per barrel so as a plus point we'll be longer to running out (and therefore Scotland will be better of for a while yet) but as a downside we'll have to continue paying through the nose for it.


daharja said...

I started tracking petrol prices about a year and a half ago, at the start of 2007, when I first heard the term "Peak Oil".

This time last year I paid 99c a litre for petrol.

Today if I go fill my car, I will pay $2.12-09c a litre.

Pretty worrying.

When we learned about Peak Oil, we sold our 2004 car and downgraded to a 1997 model (went from a car valued at $15K to one valued at $2,300). If petrol becomes so expensive we have to walk away from it, we'll lose a lot less money.

We're also planting food plants and are involved in the Transition Towns movement in our city.