Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Autism and Progress

Today, as Mia left the house for school she said, "Today is Wednesday." I didn't prompt her. She's more alert. More aware. And speaking more. Thank you biomedical interventions.



Petra said...


[Jumping up and down in excitement]

Go, Ms. Mia, go!!!

Kim Stagliano said...

Ah knew, ah say ah KNEW you'd like that! Brain fog is clearing. Mostly the increased B12 I suspect.


Kim Stagliano said...

Um, do you think she'll notice the pool boy now? She IS 13 and a half as of yesterday!

Petra said...

For your sake, I hope it'll be a few more years BEFORE she notices the Pool Boy.. LOL

Yes, I am sure the increased B12 has something to do with Mia's increased awareness. I would also assume (hope?) that her ammonia levels are starting to come down... Most likely, it's the combination of 'stuff'.

Keep at it.. keep moving forward.. slow and steady wins the race (she says, after having had a 'lovely' late afternoon/early eve partially due to a 'too much' ramp up of a 'new' supplement..)

Anonymous said...

My eldest son Justin was diagnosed with Autism following a speech delay at the age of 4, and is now extremely high functioning with no discernable trace of social problems remaining.

Most of his improvement was due to prolonged natural detox (via lots of water), vitamins, good diet, and other suggestions or recommendations from a progressive naturopath here in Ontario.

There have been a number of accounts over the years about some diagnosis being related to the heavy metals found in childrens vaccinations (in particular for toddlers with compromised immune systems (i.e. sick with a cold or flu).

Anyhow, glad to hear you have a positive account for your own child. ^_^

Would love to know what sort of biomedical interventions you are referring to? :)


Kim Stagliano said...

Welcme, Mr. Archivist.... Congrats on your son! Oy - too many to mention but certainly the GFCF cleaned up diet has made a huge difference in behavior and functioning - my girls are not on any meds and I attribute that to their diet. Supplements. Yes. Many of us see DAN! doctors (Defeat Autism Now.) I'm using Dr. Amy Yasko's protocol now too and that's what's lowering the ammonia. Petra is a whiz at Yasko and has been helping me.

Come back again!

Petra said...

Kim, my thanks for the complement but I'm hardly a Yasko whiz. Just tryin' the best I can to help your beautiful trio, and I'm so glad things are having a positive effect..

Hey, thinking about trying to come your way with my brood sometime over the summer. No worries, I won't crash at your place (we'll find a hotel), and I won't plan anything while you're all moving, but wouldn't it be neat for Salamander and Ms. B to meet up again? I am thinking Salamander and Ms. G may actually get along quite well..

Kim Stagliano said...

YES!!!!! We'd love that. Let's TAWK. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...hold on just a minute ladies!

Petra, you trying to pull a fast one on me?? And Kim! I'm shocked. You were supposed to make sure that Petra didn't reneg on her deal and now you're practically encouraging her to crash at your house!

I can see it now....the whole brood of you hangin' out by the pool just shooting the breeze and watching the scenery pass by.

Uh huh. Sure, nice try gals.

And congrats on Mia! It's the small things....

Petra said...

Hey Kelli Ann:

Deal???? What deal???

The deal was you could have Sven, I was gonna get his friends. I don't recall anybody saying anything about who gets to visit first and who gets to visit second to check out 'the scenery' (be it Sven OR his friends..LOL)?? And what's stopping you from heading on over as well??

This is the 21st century girl. You want something, you go get it!!!

(and I have my own 'pool boy' scenery these days.. The neigbor with the pool has his usual influx of 'summer labor' to help in his painting business. It's a good crop this year.. GRIN)

Amanda said...


daharja said...

I know what you mean.

My son has been on the GFCF diet for just over a month now, and we're getting lots of eye contact.

I didn't know what I was missing before. He has the most amazing eyes. I'd say "dream boat eyes" if I wasn't worried I'd get locked up!

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