Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweet Jesus! Ohio Teacher Brands CROSS on Students' Arms!

The bitter irony of this story is that it is plucked straight from Harry Potter. Remember when Delores Umbridge made Harry Potter write, "I will not tell lies" with a quill that cut into his skin? Call me a crazy Catholic, but I'm guessing this teacher has vowed to never read Harry Potter because it's Satan's work! This man, who teaches children, burned crosses into his students' arms. Forget the fact he's a science teacher teaching creationism. That's Ohio for you. Basically a lost cause south of Canton. Well, maybe that's a little harsh. But parts of the state are very conservative. Very very very very conservative. Mapplethorpe ring a bell? Bueller? Bueller?

This teacher can't be fired until a hearing? Maybe dump him head first in his namesake and hold him there for a while a la the Salem Witch Trials. Dude, go to work in a Christian school already. Oh, what's wrong? Doesn't pay enough? Not good enough benefits? At least the nuns just whacked us on the knuckles....

COLUMBUS, Ohio - An Ohio school board has voted to fire a science teacher accused of using a device to burn the image of a Christian cross on students' arms.

The Mount Vernon school board passed a resolution Friday to end the contract of middle school teacher John Freshwater. He can't be fired until after he is given a hearing to challenge the decision.

The instructor is accused of preaching his Christian beliefs in class and teaching creationism.
A family says Freshwater burned a cross into a child's arm that remained for three to four weeks. The family has sued the teacher and the school district. Read the Yahoo article HERE.


Petra said...


Now that is just sick, sick, sick, sick (I am literally getting SICK).

JC on a stick, what is wrong with people??

Between this story, your previous story and a story that Wade Rankin posted yesterday (about the boy w/ autism smothered in a weighed blanket), I just want to grab my two precious boys and and go hide in a little tree hut in the jungle somewhere..

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why? What was this guy thinking?

It's guys like this that give Christianity a bad rap.

And isn't it ironic that I just posted about Creationism earlier today on AoA?


Now everyone's gonna equate Creationism with a complete wacko nutjob case.

Anonymous said...

PS...Petra, can I go hide with you in the jungle?

After what this guy did it's gonna be hard to show my face around here....

(Any chance of you talking Pool Boy into joining us when you go visit Kim?)

Petra said...

Hey Kelli Ann:

Absolutely, my jungle hut will be your jungle hut. And if we can't convince Pool Boy to join us, we'll find ourselves a Jungle Boy..or two...or three....LOL

All kidding aside, I think we all realize that what this "wacko nutjob case" did has NOTHING to do with Creationism. This guy is evil and twisted (Cretinism comes to mind, NOT Creationism..)

Michelle O'Neil said...


Amy said...

And once again, all the Christians hide in shame. Good gosh.

Amanda said...

Well it just goes to show you get nut jobs in all faiths. Some blow themselves up, others maim and torture by more subtle means, but they're all nut jobs.

PS my word verification is ickyqg - how appropriate!

Anonymous said...


As long as Jungle Boy's name isn't *George* (think 60's cheesy cartoon) then we're good to go.

I could really get into swinging on a vine or two or three.