Friday, June 13, 2008

Guess What Our New House Has???

We're moving into a new house in town on July 1st. Wanna visit? Bring your own sunscreen and your own poolboy... or girl.

Before you accuse me of being patently insane (autism + pool = catastrophe) I'll point out that this house has a proper, tall, locking pool fence around the pool itself. And will have a pool alarm. And door chimes on the doors. And probaby a video camera on it. And Sven, when he is not holding my "loofah!" will be on guard.

We've never had a pool (duh) and this house is a rental - so we'll give it a try. If we hate it, we close it and cover it. Compared to chasing my girls like a shark that never stops at the town pool, nice as it is, I think it will be a real treat to sit a pool while the splash and swim.

Pass the Bain de Soleil for that San Tropez tan!

SAT: I just bought the Safety Turtle pool alarm, three wristbands and a gate alarm add to the already locking, self latching gate. This will leave me more time with Sven.....


Petra said...

Cool!!! I cannot emphasize enough that my neighbor's pool has been a life saver during hot hazy summer + bad detox days. It's the only place Salamander is comfortable (and will return from Tasmanian Devil back to human form.. LOL).

Just make sure your girls can swim, and never ever leave them alone, not even for a nanosecond (I know that you know this).

Enjoy (and good luck with the move)

Amanda said...

And I bet you get the weather to use it too...not that I'm jealous or anything...good luck keeping the girls out of it though!

We have family coming for the weekend so thought we'd do a bbq. shopped for it, cut the grass, got the meat out the freezer THEN checked the weather to find we're due top temps of 11C. I think we'll cook out and eat in.

Happy moving!! :)

Kim Stagliano said...

Petra, you wanna come meet Sven? Maybe he has a frrrrrriend?

11C, what's that, like 30 below? ;)

Anonymous said...

Whoooo hoooo...sign me up!

Okay. Reality check. Calm down. Take a deep breath.

I can't help it. This, combined with Michelle's *tugboat* story has got me all revved up and raring to go.

Crap. You gals have all the fun!

Manic Mom said...

O.M.G. Forget the pool. I just want the pool boy!

And did I ever tell you about the drinks we make called Pool Boys? Champagne, cranberry and a splash of pineapple on ice with a slice of lime--you can drink those all day long poolside, ESPECIALLY if you've got hottie serving 'em to ya!

Petra said...

Yes Kim, I DO want to meet Sven. But you knew that already. And the more friends the better (Kelli Ann, I totally hear you on Michelle's tugboat story.. LOL)

And Kim, 11 C is about 45 - 50 F (sjeesh, you Americans.. she says with GREAT affection..)

Oh Manic Mom, DRINKS called Pool Boys? Skip the drink mixing, I'll just drink the Pool Boy.. straight up

(sorry, it's been a really really really looooooooong day here)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Petra...hate to start a fight but I've got first dibs on pool boy.

Remember, Kim said you could have dibs on his "frieeeenndddd"

So, back off!

(Amazing what happens when you haven't had a date since October 31st of *last year*)

Petra said...

Oh, Kelli Ann, I can beat you there. Feb of "last year".

Fine, you can have Sven. I'll have his friendS (plural)


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's a deal!

(snicker, snicker....I remember my last *blind date* and I'll never go that route again)

But hey, you never know Petra. Might work out for ya.

Kim, you're the witness. Petra can't renig on the deal.

I get Sven. She gets his *friendS* and you, get to watch your three girls while we frolick in the pool.

Whooo Hoooo.

Petra said...


Oh, don't worry, I won't reneg. Don't get that many opportunities.. Sigh.

Kim knows my taste. I trust her. Toss in a British accent, and I'm 'done for'.

Here's to many frolick sessions (both imagined, and hopefully, at some point in the very near future, real!!) sessions in the pool!!

Signing off for tonite. Time to get some zzzzs. Before I know it the whole circus here will be awake here again..

Amanda said...

All you need to know is 11C needs a sweatshirt and is definitely NOT frolicking in the pool with Sven weather.

Sven...that's European...I've got a connection with him so he's MINE ALL MINE!!!

kim said...

Everyone is going to want to play at your house :o).

Have fun with your pool.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...excuse me Amanda.

You had your chance to lay dibs in your first comment.

So sorry Charlie -- You snooze, you lose.

He's alllllll mine!

(Maybe Petra will share one of his friendS)

Anonymous said...

Nice pole.

Barbara Fischkin said...

Sorry I am days behind but thrilled to hear you found a new house. If anyone can do pool safety it's you. Looks like you have all your gear And Sven looks like he would make a really good "intellectual" addition to your household. Well, that's the company line isn't it?

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Good luck all.

Pierre said...

Oups! Could you please remove my last message, I typed my email address in the wrong field!