Monday, June 23, 2008

Today I will Use the Seven Words You Can't Say on TV (at least before cable.)

Comedian George Carlin has died. Mark and I saw him in Cleveland 4 years ago. I grew up listening to George Carlin at the home of my friend Annette Bedard. Her older brothers (Alan, Andrew and Armand) must have snuck the record from their Dad. They way the snuck Mr. Bedard's Playboys. Yes, I saw my first naked woman at the Bedard's house too. Fortunately it wasn't Mabel. Mrs. Bedard.

If you've never listened to George Carlin, click HERE to order a copy of CLASS CLOWN from Amazon. Buy some Poise Pee Pads while you're at it - you'll need them.

Now, how shall I artfully weave the seven words into my day today? What? You don't KNOW the seven words? Sigh. I was afraid of this. All right. Six of them are easy for me to say, shout, write and lace into my conversations. Number four? Not so much. The words are: S#it, Fu(#, Piss, C#&t, Co!ksu#er, motherf*c#er and tits. Learned 'em all in seventh grade.
I wonder where Annette Bedard is today? I'd love to find her.


Ed Wood said...

Very sad! And it was just announced last week that he was being awarded the Mark Twain Prize - a long overdue honor to a ground-breaking funnyman.

Jeanne said...

I grew up listening to George Carlin in my father's living room. I guess he thought teenagers would appreciate the humor... and he was right.

My fav? The condom shtick: "...Also available in the six-pack, the sex pack and the handy shack pack for you weekenders" - George Carlin RIP

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi, Ed! (FDI: family drop in) I didn't know he was getting the Twain prize. What a shame. And only 71, though he had been in ill health and had had heart problems. Hi, Jeanne!

Oh my, "Queen for a Day" with Congolia Breckenridge. The Hippy Dippy weatherman. Pop a Chocks! He was in a league of his own, like a Pryor. A true iconoclast.


Anonymous said...


What's up with that? I never knew that was considered a *swear* word.

Crap. I've been swearing at Mark and Jim for years and never even knew it!

And they've been swearing right back!!!

The nerve! *NOW* I am pissed!!

Does it count as a swear word if it has an "ed" at the end?