Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't Have a Pool Boy? FEAR NOT!

I've been looking for just the right moment to share this tidbit and here it is. Many of you seem to be coveting my imaginary pool boy.

So.... I am a HUGE fan of the very retro, customer service oriented purveyor of old fashioned products known as The Vermont Country Store. Love the place. They have brands from the past like Lemon Up shampoo and Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. Skye Bars and NECCO wafers. Grandma clothing with sweater bands and vein squishing socks and bras that look like army tanks. Grandpa apothecary items like 2 foot long toenail trimmers and tinnitus drops. Plus perfumes your great-aunt Marjorie probably wore and soaps that may have been on the Titanic.

Imagine my surprise when earlier last spring, I opened the catalog to find THESE!!!!!

Yes, "neck massagers*" for the Viagra crowd. I kid you not.

* Remember the Sex and the City episode where Samantha's vibrator broke and she returned it to The Sharper Image? The sales clerk said, "Madam, we do not sell vibrators. We sell neck massages." To which Samantha responded, "Well, your NECK massager failed to get me off!" as she flung it on the counter. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Next stage?? Crap. I'm not done with *this stage*....

Do you think Petra and Amanda will take one of these as a consolation, runner-up, nice try but no cigar prize?

Petra said...

No bloody way.. consolution prices don't do it for me!!! (and did you have to say 'no cigar'?)

I'll get me my OWN pool boy... and I'm NOT sharing (not even his friends).


Petra said...

Oh drat.. I meant consolAtion prices...

(don't cook, type and watch kiddo with mito issues all at the same time)

Jeanne said...

THREE pages? LOL Not one, not two, but THREE pages of goodies! OMG, that's just too hilarious (and informative);-).

I might be interested in that breast cream... I'll have to go back to see if there are any user reviews.