Thursday, June 12, 2008

JennybeforeGARDASIL REACTION? Please read.

I received a link to THIS blog about a 14 year old who may have been seriously injured by the Gardasil vaccine. Please click over to the blog and add your comments or recommendations. Thank you.

Jenny is a 14 year-old girl who lives in Northern California.

Over the last year, she has gone from being a fully healthy 13 year-old to being nearly completely paralyzed. She retains movement only in her neck and mouth and faintly in her left hand.This rapid decline in motor ability has understandably shocked and concerned us [her family]. We have responded by working with the best doctors in the field, fighting continuously to reach a diagnosis and find treatments.

JennyafterDespite the best efforts of an extremely talented array of medical professionals, we have not been able to stop her decline. Doctors don't know for sure why Jenny got so sick but some think it may be connected to the Gardasil vaccinations she got (last one in March, 2007) and the weakening that seemed to start in spring and gradually built up. One sign was in April 2007 when everyone in her PE class laughed at her because she couldn't jump a hurdle they considered really puny. It is hard to say when the weakening started but by summer she had a terrible limp.

It sounds so cliche, but please send your thoughts and prayers to JenJen and her family. If you have a suspected vaccine reaction make sure your doc reports it to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System!

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