Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Just one day until Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's GREEN OUR VACCINES rally! Click HERE to learn all about it!

How does a mother of three kids with autism get out of town? Twice in two weeks no less (Autism One was just a week ago.) Very carefully. I have one daughter (Miss Bella) home with a stomach bug, two who have had the bug and might be over it and a husband who is going to have a VERY good Father's day for holding down the fort while I'm gone!

See you in DC friends. I'll be blogging as much as I can live at www.ageofautism.com from the march. Not sure if we can use cell phones during the march.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should stay home and tend to your children. As a mother I could never leave my sick children no matter what the "cause".

Amanda said...

Don't you just love it when people have the courage of their own convictions and stand by their comments? Anon, if you feel that strongly I think you should post under your name. Don't be such a wimp.

I for one, Kim, say you should go and go with a clear conscience that you are leaving your girls in the loving care of their Dad who adores them. I shall read your post with interest.

Oh and just for the record, Anon, I have two girls with severe autism and epilepsy who I would and do leave with their Dad who adores and cares for them as much as I do.

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that her father is completely incapable of taking care of his child? I know that my husband is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of autism and is as thoroughly trained in ABA as I am. He can handle an autistic child better than most therapists I have encountered. I'm sure her Dad is no different.

Anon.--maybe your husband is a deadbeat do nothing. Don't assume it's just a "mother's job" to take care of the child. You're pathetic.

Amy said...

Anon - dude...step off. Don't comment on what you don't know. I know the daddy and he's quite capable of taking care of his children. Don't you dare come on Kim's personal blog and attack. If you don't like her, don't read her stuff. And if you are going to attack, use your name you wimp.

You go Kim! You are an amazing woman/mother for stepping up and fighting for your kids. Bigger picture here...stomach flu will pass...you're fighting for their future and the future of millions of children. I think you rock.

And I'm way too southern to tell anon how I really feel. There were lots of 4 letter words involved but my momma raised me better. I will be including her in my prayers today.

Love, Dallasgirl

Anonymous said...

Anon - your'e an ass and your post shows it.

Go Kim, GO!! Keep advocating for your girls and mine too!!!!

KC in TX

Petra said...

OK, not a good day for 'anons' to go mud slinging.

Anon 1 - you're an ass. I too know Kim, know the girls, have met Mark. The girlies are in perfectly capable hands - stomach ickies and all.

Anon 2 - you're just as bad. Not all of us have involved dads/husbands who we can trust to take proper care of our kids (and quite of us landed in that situation because 'daddy dearest' (which you so kindly referred to as 'the deadbeat do nothing') had no interest in becoming 'extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of autism'). If your kids dad/your husband is involved, well then count your blessings (and give your hubby an extra kiss and hug). Those of us that don't, well, we make it work without the dad/husband somehow.

Kim - I am so glad you went. I am living vicarously through you today, and THANKS SO MUCH for all the wonderful updates on AoA.

The Wandering Author said...

Kim, you probably know about this already, but just in case you don't, there is a free browser designed for autistic children: http://www.zacbrowser.com/. If it is something you haven't heard of yet, I hope it helps! (Well, I hope it helps either way :-)

Kim Stagliano said...

I'm back!

The rally was AWESOME! Go to Age of Autism to see a ton of live blog posts with photos!


BTW, I'm sure as shit not explaining myself to anon. My kids have two capable parents who work as a TEAM. Mark and I both are always ready to step up to the plate for each other's careers and first and foremost for our kids. File that one under "Big fat, DUH!" LOL!

Kim Stagliano said...

By the way, Anon, Sue is a friend of mine and I'm not sure she'd appreciate your popping into her from her blog to diss me. Ta ta.