Sunday, June 15, 2008

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Are you in a panic about tomatoes?? Feel safe knowing the gov't has tracked down the five tomatoes on the planet that might have caused 200 people to become ill with Salmonella and caused stores and restaurants to pull tomatoes nationwide? What a joke.


Remember my posts from ages ago? Gardasil was not properly tested. It came out too soon. It makes a fucking fortune for Merck. And girls and women are paying the price. Scroll down to see a paralyzed 14 year old. For the complete story from Europe click HERE.


This just in: Merck is now advertising Gardasil in MOVIE THEATRES. How's that for date night. Popcorn? Hand around her shoulder? HPV chit chat for a perhaps deadly vaccine? Keep your medical ads away from me, Merck. Let my DOCTOR tell me about these things. Not the dancie weenie and soda at the movie theatre. READ HERE.

Gardasil has been implicated in the deaths of two more young women, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) has reported. Though no official cause of death has been listed, the young women apparently died shortly after receiving Gardasil, and the EMEA is characterizing their deaths as “sudden and unexpected.”

The two deaths bring the total number of fatalities possibly linked to the Merck cervical cancer vaccine to five. In the U.S., three young women have reportedly died after receiving Gardasil. However, there could be more such incidents, as health officials believe that adverse effects of medication are widely underreported.

Underreported?? Dr. David Tayloe, Jr. , head of the AAP, was on Larry King with Jenny McCarthy last spring. He has been in practice for DECADES and he said, "I've never reported a vaccine injury event." His implication was that he'd never seen one. Impossible! Absolutely impossible that a pediatrician has NEVER seen an adverse reaction to a childhood vaccine. So yes, reports are like RAPES - grossly underrepresented in the official numbers. By the way, Dr. Tayloe's DAD lost the largest medical malpractice suit in the state of NC many years ago for what? A VACCINE INJURY (from a vaccination administered by his nurse.) And yet, his son has never seen an adverse reaction. Protecting Daddy? Denial? Not on MY KIDS BACKS.


Petra said...


And your sons too. I know I will...

Kim Stagliano said...

Yup. Protection against HIV, pregnancy, STD's and they are cheap and plentiful. For crying out loud, it's a no brainer. And some have a little vobrating thingy on them too now, I hear! LOL! Been a looooong time since I've used a condom. Ah, married life! :)

Amanda said...

I thought you were Catholic. When I was at ecumenical school Catholics didn't use any form of contraception or have sex outside marriage. They trusted God would decide for them, apparently, and it must have worked because I know A LOT of Catholic families who have 2.4 kids and a Labrador dog ;)

Yes I am worried about tomatoes but for different reasons - like I have too many plants and not enough space and will the ones I have got growing be enough?

Of course the problem with condoms is they're cheap and easy to use

Samara Leigh said...

Wow the pharmaceutical companies are so quick to pull the trigger on these drugs. Like they aren't already making a gazillion dollars on all the other meds that they're peddling.

I've listened to those high-speed disclaimer messages on the commercials and I don't remember hearing about those side-effects.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi, Samara - nope. These aren't "side effect", they are "adverse events." Otherwise known as death, paralysis and more. Isn't it a damn sin you have to read about this on a blog? Do you think your pediatrician will warn you in advance in any way, shape or form? Some may be reticent to give Gardasil, but for the most part, they are trained that vaccines are the holy grail of healthcare. Vaccines are a religion. For all their good, and there's plenty, don't get me wrong, I am NOT anti-vaccine, they onslaught into our children of "too many, too soon" is having an effect.

Am I getting a nosebleed up here on my soapbox?