Monday, March 19, 2007


Did you read my post where I cracked a tooth in half on Valentine's Day? Talking about not feeling the love. Well, today, in preparation for my bionic implant I had the tooth pulled. A big honking molar. And Dr. Salvatore Florio, my oral surgeon, gave me narcotics.

An autism Mom with narcotics!? It's a freaking dream come true. That horse sized hydrocodone is just starting to trickle into my system. I can actually feel myself feeling better. Happy. A little giddy. ME LIKEY!!! Now I know why I stopped doing dr-- nevermind.

And Dr. Florio? A dreamboat. Remember how Marcia Brady had a crush on her dentist? Well, I don't exactly have a crush on Dr. Florio. First, he's my age and crushes need to be on older men. At this point that might require that I visit the retired dentists' home... Second, his lovely wife Carolyn works in his office and she's a delight. My Dad was a dentist. As was a favorite uncle and a cousin. We are a dental family. And my Dad's friends who were docs growing up were all Paisans - Lino Tiberi, Fiore Rullo. So Salvatore Florio from Brooklyn (or maybe da Bronx) feels very comfortable to me.

Almost as good as this hyrdocodone!

(PS) Do not fret, my husband is home to help with the kids in case I get completely whacked out.

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