Friday, March 16, 2007

Today's FOUR letter word?

SNOW! ARGH! The kids are home from school.

I'm supposed to head out for a girls night away from home tomorrow to meet my dear friend Gen in Boston. Gen and I used to live and play in Boston. We attended BC. We drank alcoholic beverages with cute boy/men, ate pancakes at the IHOP while nursing hangovers and took aerobics classes religiously at Esposito's gym (where the buff boy/men lifted weights.) Gen and I complement and compliment eachother well.

Girls night out means sleeping in a bed made by a stranger in a room vacuumed by a stranger with a bathroom cleaned by a stranger. Rumor has it I am allowed to leave said room with the bed tussy mussied, the bathroom strewn with soppy towels and a ten dollar bill on the nightstand to say thank you to the stranger. Perhaps if my maiden and last names did not end in vowels I could acconmplish this feat of rudeness.

I make the hotel bed and I clean up the bathroom, leaving the towels in a neat pile, the sink clear of toothpaste splurbles, the dark hair that proves my Italian/neanderthal roots out of the tub.

Call Hertz - I need to rent a plow, I am going to Boston tomorrow.


mcewen said...

Oh you're too funny! I remember [just about in the distant past] a note in the bathroom saying 'leave dirty towels in the bath.' I dithered in the tiny room for longer than could possibly make any sense.
Have a great time deserve it more than anyone I can think of.
Best wishes
p.s. don't forget to take a notebook as you'll have 'time' to write.

Kim Stagliano said...

I'm not sure my hand will be steady enough to write, being St. Patrick's Day and all.... And I am 25% Irish you know! My Grandmother was Anna Sullivan from County Cork! :)

Laura said...

Give me a break! More snow? If the weather gods tried that shit here, I'd....well, I'd be annoyed. Yeah, I'm a big talker, huh?

Your weekend sounds wonderful, and I hope you get through the snow. At least the Northeast can handle it, unlike here. If it snows on this side of the Cascades, the world screeeches to a halt. There's a huge difference between Eastern and Western Washington, in that and many other regards.

The hotel maid - too funny! I don't worry so much about my messes in hotels, but hate when Hubby leaves his "Maleness" around. He's definitely the slobby hair-leaver in our family. The boys and I have fine hair, but all of Hubby's looks like pubes - Short, curly black hair covers his body AND his head. TMI! Sorry!

Enjoy a green beer for me!

Anonymous said...

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Kim Stagliano said...

Thanks! Um, what is Random blog excerpts? Come on back!