Monday, March 12, 2007

Starry Day!

What a lovely day I had today! I got the girls onto their school buses sans mishaps, amen! Then I hopped into my Catholic sports car (black minivan) and zipped 5 miles to the train station where I caught the 9:33am Metro North into Grand Central.

I stepped onto the streets of New York to greet a sunny, pleasant early spring day. Ah! Breathe in the sights and sounds of the New York! I walked a few blocks up to the Waldorf, where, waiting in the lobbym was my sister Michele, her husband Mike and my nifty nephew Colin. They're in NY for spring break, from Houston. The day gets better! Ten minutes later my brother Rich and his partner Ed walked from The W where they spent the weekend. They live in DC. JOY! I rarely get to spend time with my brother and sister.

We walked to the MOMA and enjoyed the art for ninety minutes. Well, we enjoyed most of it - the less modern art, I must admit. I didn't get the "basketball and dirt on paper" exhibit at all. It was white paper with lines of dirt on it dribbled (ha ha) and the basketball tucked behind the canvas. I would have called it "Clean up your mess, LeBron!"

But, we also say Picasso's, Miro's, Mondrians, Renoir's Water Lily Cloud Reflection panels, Seurats, Andrew Wyeth's famous Christina and (drum roll please) Van Gogh's STARRY NIGHT! Right there, in front of us. That gorgeous, motion filled canvas of blues and yellows and tears.

In the MOMA gift shop I found the coolest gift, right out of Pee Wee's Playhouse. "Clocky" It's an alarm clock on wheels. You set it and place it on the floor. When the alarm goes off it rolls away so you have to chase it to turn it off! Cutest little thing. I can imagine it gets crushed a lot by sleepy, angry snooze button lovers.

We strolled down Fifth Avenue to Rockefeller Plaza and had lunch. Food! Hot on a plate served to me by someone not in my gene pool! Dishes cleared! Water glass filled with sparkling water with only a nod. Aaahhhhhh.

Final thrill? We were across the street from Anthrpologie and I had a $150 gift card in my pocket. I spent $10.00 and got a kick ass pair of jeans called "Sexy, Curvy." Not so much, I'm rather slim, but they still look good! I hate mom jeans up to the boobs (or where a woman with more curves would have boobs.) I admit to liking low rise jeans. Not stupid low. Just low.

I kissed my family goodbye and boarded the 3:33 train back to Connecticut. At 5:10 I was kissing my girls hello. At 5:30 I had gluten free alphabetini and gravy on the table for them.

Thank you thank you thank you to my husband Mark for being home to get the girls off the bus so I could go into the city today. I recharged my flagging batteries. Lovely!


Michelle O'Neil said...

Yay! Soooooo happy for you.

Love that you enjoyed art with people you love.

Love that you had a grown up lunch with conversation!

Don't love gluten free alphabetini.

Oh well, can't win them all.

Manic Mom said...

What an awesome day! But 90 minutes is not long enough to enjoy a museum!

Sounds like your day was fabulous!

I think Mark's getting laid tonight, doncha?

Laura said...

What an amazing day! My kids had some Mrs. Leepers rice pasta for dinner. Hubby and I had some gluten and casein-filled cajun chicken alfredo pasta. The boys didn't notice. Yay!

Laura said...

Oh, and I go for the lowrise jeans as well over MOM jeans. I don't like that my stomach tends to hang over the top, but rather that than encased in a thick layer of denim. Just have to make sure my shirt covers my gut and lower back fat!

Matt-Man said...

Sounds great Kim, glad you had a good time. Ha...Catholic Sports Car, good one. Cheers!!