Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Money To Burn Wish List

Today you have $1000 of completely disposable income in your pocket. What do you buy? You can't spend a nickel on anything remotely resembling a bill, a debt, or basic food, clothing and shelter. You're a kid in a candy store. Start shopping. My list?

1) A ten ticket pack to Grand Central Station on Metro North
2) The petit fours pan in The Williams Sonoma catalog
3) The two piece Bunny Cake pan in the Williams Sonoma catalog
4) One, just one pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos
5) Another pair of Joe's jeans from Anthropologie, they fit me perfectly
6) A $100 gift card to Starbucks to swipe anytime I need a cuppa
7) An Arbonne anti-aging skin care set
8) A Sirius Stiletto so I could listen to Howard Stern and all my music anywhere

I think I've spent more than $1000. What else is new? Your turn.


Lisa said...

I would spend the whole grand on massage and spa treatments at our local day spa, Belladonna. No waxing though, the day should be painless. If there were a left over $100, I would buy some incredibly decadent lingerie. Nothing freaky, but definitely french.

AhvaRahn said...

I take my wife to New York for a late spring Saturday, with a cheesy Broadway show in the mild evening followed by drinks with umbrellas and a late night comedy club. After a stay in a medium/cheapish hotel, with good people watching, if I have any change, I buy myself a pair of Doctor Marten shoes (Size 11, preferably tan this time, but black will do), in an outlet mall on the way back.

Ashley loves Leo said...

One night at the fanciest hotel ever. Order fancy things from room service after enjoying a massage and steam bath.

Laura said...

I think a spa day sounds fabulous. Dinner out at a nice restaurant, and a movie would be great, too. Heck, $1000, I bet I could see a show! Haven't done that in a long time!

Kim, your Starbucks card idea sounds great, too. Because I have a fancy espresso machine at home, I feel guilty if I ever buy lattes when I'm out. Then again, I've probably more than made up the cost of the machine by now with my "sip at home" habits. A great expensive pair of jeans would be nice, too. I've been too cheap to get those. And I'd have them professionally hemmed, too! Petites are too short, regulars are too long. Being 5'3 1/2 really sucks for that reason!

Wait, I forgot. Even though the day should be painless, I'd get botox on my "angry elevens". Anytime I wear makeup, it settles into the first "1" and just draws attention to them. I don't think I'd have enough for my parentheses, too. That's OK, the next time you give us $1000, I'll get those done. Yep, I'd be really vain with more disposable income!

Steve said...

Would $1000 on an In-N-Out gift card be going overboard? Yeah, probably... but I would definitely start with food...
- $400 to bring some friends to Ruths Chris and savor some ribeyes. MMMMMMMMMMM
- $500 to bring the family down to Disneyland for 2 or 3 days.
- $100 at the bookstore to keep me in books for the next few weeks :)

The Wandering Author said...

I'd get a Pelikan M1000 or maybe try an Omas piston filler (either are fountain pens) with a customised nib, then I'd use up the rest of the money stocking in Noodlers Ink.

Okay, it sounds crazy, but I've wanted one of those for a long time, and can't justify laying out nearly $1,000 on it. So, if I had a spare pile of bills laying around, that's what I'd do. (And I do at least use my fountain pens, not lock them away in storage somewhere.)