Saturday, March 03, 2007

Me and Carrie Bradshaw (Yes, I am aware of the grammatical error. I'm channeling Janis Joplin, OK?)

If you were ever a fan of Sex and the City - as it aired on HBO, not the ridiculous edited version on TBS - you've probably compared yourself to the four women on the show. Are you a Carrie? A Miranda? A Samantha? Or are you a Charlotte?

I'm a cross between Carrie and Charlotte with a soupcon of Miranda. But that leaves Samantha. She was the sex-crazed woman who took charge of her own life, made her own fun and was the most independent. Until seasons five and six where she finally met a great guy and settled into a relationship.

These days I have a lot more Samantha in me than I used to. HUH? Married 15+ years, three kids and acting like Samantha Jones? Impossible. Not really. I am a lot more in your face, vocal and willing to forego the approval of others to meet my own goals than I was as a younger woman. I credit my girls for that. Ain't no one going to fight for them like I am. And if I can fight for them, I can fight for myself.

Plus, Mark and I have survived some major league upheaval. Try two years of unemployment on top of three autistic children combined with selling your house, moving in with your folks (his in laws) before finally settling into a normal routine again. Then I again, DON'T try it. It's not all that fun. But since this bumpy ride hasn't made us want to stab each other with the steak knives (not getting a lot of use, we eat more hamburger than steak these days) I can say without a doubt it has made us stronger.

Publishing is a tough business. Agents get 20,000 - 30,000 queries a year from people like me, who've written a novel and dream of walking into Border's and seeing our book on the shelf. The front shelf. My kids and our family journey have given me a healthy dose of Samantha - I am not a quitter. I am a fighter. Unlike, Samantha, I've never had sex on a swing though. Does a slide in a park count? ;) I'm not quite as sweet as Charlotte after all.

Favorite Episodes:

Season four, second episode. Carrie falls on the runway during Fashion Week, picks herself up and struts back down the runway. Heidi Klum gives her a high five. Rejection and failure turn to triumph and pride.

Final season, second to last episode. Samantha is speaking at a cancer fundraiser and is nervous, staid and boring. Then she puts her heart into the speech, whips off her wig and says "Who are we kidding? Cancer is hard." The rest of her speech is inspiring as other women pull off their wigs, revealing their bald heads.

And of course, Season Six final episode and Big flies to Paris and tells Carrie "She's the ONE!"


Laura said...

I love those episodes, too. I also liked the one where Smith shaved his head when Samantha lost her hair after chemo. I guess I'm somewhere between Charlotte and Miranda. Not nearly stylish enough to compare myself to Carrie, nor ballsy enough to compare to Samantha. I'm not as prudish as Charlotte, though, and I'm a tad less cynical than Miranda.

ORION said...

I am such a loser. It took me forever to watch S and the C.
It was the first time I figured out shoes were important.
I end up not watching shows until they are over!

Kim Stagliano said...

Well, Orion, you prefer flippers to Manolo's don't you? LOL! I caught on during season two of S and the C on HBO and was hooked. My Sunday night snack. Then it was the Soprano's which in many ways resemble my own family - minus the bloodshed. Six Feet Under was fantastic too. HBO really is the best television on television. Or it was. One more Soprano's season, can't wait!

Nina said...

I love that show... I got the whole series collection. And I think Im a mix between Samantha and Charlotte, as crazy as that sounds. Im uninhibited, but I look reserved at first glance.

Sam said...

That is a fun series - and we're two years behind here in France, so I'm just going to pretend I didn't read the end of the post, lol!
I guess I'm a mix of Miranda and Samantha, with some Charlotte, and, oh hell, Carrie. LOL

Kim Stagliano said...

Sam! Je m'excuse! LOL!

LadyBronco said...

I hang my head as I admit that I never watched the show.

Reminded me entirely too much of a never-ending chick flick. (I can't stand chick flicks)

Give me sci-fi, vamps, or blow-em-up, shoot-em-up action with big muscled guys to drool over any day of the week! lol...

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love Sex and the City! I think every woman is a combo of all four. Some days more of one than the others.

Keep that vision for your book.

Those thousands that are rejected? They aren't you. They have nothing to do with you.