Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pink Zinc, It Helps You Think!

Yes it does. The human body is a miracle of balances and formulae. I've learned this since starting my kids autism treatment journey. I should have paid more attention in school to things like adenosine triphosphate and less to Andrew Allen Wheeler (the first boy I kissed in high school. Hi, Andrew!)

Calcium and Magnesium work in tandem. When one is out of balance the body is not happy. Copper and Zinc also have a dance. My kids test high in copper frequently. Too much copper makes your mind foggy, distrupts your concentration. Adding ZINC helps clear their minds and they function better.

My oldest swallows pills. Easy. My younger two need chewable, so we use Trader Joe's pink raspberry tablets. We have a song (I make up songs for everything, my kids "hear" songs better than straight speech.)

"Pink Zinc it helps us think!" Chew chew chew swallow.


Milehimama said...

We do zinc therapy too! I've never heard of other moms doing it for their kids with disorders (just for colds and stuff).
I buy RhinoZinc at the Vitamin Shoppe. (Chewable. My guy will. not. take. a pill.) How do you get your dr. to test for copper levels? Mine thinks I'm one of those weirdo crunchy granola moms because we do a dye-free, MSG free diet with zinc and B vit. supplements. I'd love to get my guy tested for heavy metals - lead, mercury, and copper.

Kim Stagliano said...

Mama, if you go to you can find an MD in your area who does nutritional testing and can order these tests for you. These are environmental docs. I don't need to send you to an autism doc, although they runs these tests regularly. The lab we use is Doctor's Data in IL, there are others, Like great plains labs in Kansas too.


Anonymous said...
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Kim Stagliano said...

Tell me which comment and I'll delete it. You can request it on that entry. No one goes far back into blogs - if you posted something that is making you uncomfortable I am sorry - that's a crummy feeling. But I have to tell you I don't get so much traffic that a ton of people will read your words. I don't give out my email address, especially to anon posters. I'm sure you understand. Thanks. KIM

mcewen said...

We tried the calcium / Manganese [liquid form] but I couldn't get either of them to take it. I tried disguising it in all sorts of things with limited success for one and zero with the other.
Well done you.

Kim Stagliano said...

McEwen you're so right! I try to get as much as I can into the girls naturally via fortified foods - sometimes we need the big guns and yeah, we hide, bribe & cajole! It's quite a game. We've used melted chocolate chips, maple syrup, applesauce and dairy free ice cream to hide stuff and of course, their juice is loaded! Cheers!

Laura said...

Zinc is one I'm "half-assing". It takes me a while to get a new supplement into in our routine. I remember the big ones to try to hide in smoothies, applesauce, or nut butters, but I started DMG recently and keep forgetting to give that one. And the zinc, too. I need to laminate a checklist and hang it in the kitchen! I've got a new shopping list of supplements to add, though, so I guess I should wait. Biotin, Candidase, carnitine...Who knew I'd be keeping the vitamin industry afloat 6 years ago when I could barely remember to take a daily prenatal vitamin?