Thursday, July 02, 2009

Seeking an Agent this Fall?

Found this on the Backspace message board. Backspace is an amazing writers' org. If you're serious about writing and getting published, you should check them out. I met my agent at their agent/author conference. If you bid, good luck!

Ms. Irene Goodman, president of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency (HERE), will auction a single spaced, half-page critique for 25 partial manuscripts (approximately 50 pages and a synopsis).

This will be done on Ebay from Dec. 1 to Dec. 15th. The 25 highest bidders will win. The critiques will all be done personally by Ms. Goodman. They will not be farmed out. Ms. Goodman will email the completed critiques to each of the authors within one month after the auction closing date.

All proceeds will go directly into one of two foundations: the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the Deafness Research Foundation. Both foundations are well established, and the research in each area is incredibly promising. If the necessary funds are obtained to continue research, effective treatments can be expected in the next several years.

Ms. Goodman will consider any commercial fiction--thrillers, romance, urban fantasy, mystery, women's fiction, and historical fiction--and will also look at commercial non-fiction, prescriptive or narrative. For the purposes of this auction, literary fiction and weighty non-fiction submissions will not be accepted.

All starting bids must be $100 or more. Ms. Goodman has been a leading member of the publishing community for over 30 years. Her clients are regulars on the New York Times, USA Today, Walden, Publishers Weekly, and Bookscan bestseller lists. Together with her dynamic staff, her agency represents over 80 authors. Deals range from five to seven figures. Ms. Goodman has led many a career to bestsellerdom and has an intimate knowledge of the art and craft of the commercial novel.

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