Thursday, July 16, 2009

Autism Excluded from Healthcare

Click HERE to read my latest HuffPo, "Nancy Pelosi's Sarah Palin Moment" on the failure of HR 3200 healthcare to include autism.


tina said...

I read it and might I just say BRAVO my good woman!

Cheryl Kauffman said...

Great article. I was really upset recently when my daughter's doctor referred us to see a pediatric neuropsychiatrist. There is a group of doctors at the University of South Florida that specializes in treating autism spectrum disorders. When I asked my insurance if it would be covered they said no. The insurance company said Florida State Law indicates insurance companies are only required to pay for autism treatment if the child is diagnosed by age 8. Since Beth wasn't diagnosed with Asperger's until age 11, we are screwed. So we will shell out a couple grand for her to get treatment, but I feel I have to.

Jeanne said...

You and your pictures. Boy did I need that laugh.

On the HuffPo piece, excellent job Kim. Made me laugh, cry, and wanna punch someone - yeah, you did it good girl.

Anonymous said...

Great article Kim. I didn't grow up with that much and so I felt like I had made it when I could buy a big container of Tropicana every week without worrying about which OJ was on sale. Virtual none of the therapy that we have provided for my son has been covered by insurance. Thank g-d for early intervention or we would have been totally screwed. We've spent over $100K privately and all I can do is feel grateful that we had it to spend.

Now, I'm hearing about a surcharge on the rich to pay for health care. We live in the NYC area so I'm pretty sure we'll fit into that rich category even though we don't feel rich here (especially with all the continued therapy). Now, I'm all for this in theory but what pisses me off is that there will be nothing in the plan for my child's major medical problem and the money that we will have to put towards this plan is less that I can spend on him.

Your words rang so true for me and I thank you for saying them. I linked you to my facebook page.