Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sirius Pain: Running Up That Hill

I used to be really fit. 17% body fat is really fit in my book. I ran 5 miles several times a week. I taught aerobics 2 - 4 times a week. I lifted weights (remember Nautilus clubs?) I went out dancing even. We call that "the good old days."

Today? I'm thin. But thin is not fit.And I'm Italian, so pendulous arms are my birthright. As is a dyed black cotton candy style pile of hair on my head and a housecoat. So I'm back to exercising. What set me off? A few things. 1) I feel fat. 2) I look fattish (naked.) 3) I can not afford new clothes. 4) I need to stay stronger than my kids, which isn't easy. Mia is really strong! 5) I don't want to have to wear Teez-her t-shirts with girdles built in (see post a few days ago about that mistake.)

Kate Bush - Running up that Hill
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I've been walking with my Sirius Stiletto on my head. I listen to Howard Stern mostly. But today he had on two porn stars and frankly, when I was eighteen I was cramming for an economics final at Tufts while they were cramming wonkaloids into their rectora. Not my cup of kaopectate, you know?

So I switched onto music. Music makes me stop walking and start running. Except my route takes me up a big old hill. I managed some of it up, some of it down.

Thank goodness Bruce came on (no coincidence, I'd switched to the Bruce channel, Sirius 10)

Mark are going to see Bruce in Mansfield, MA next month. YAY! It's our first splurge in a long time. My folks live minutes from the Comcast Center (formerly known as Great Woods) so we don't have to pay a sitter. Double Yay! And we won't have a long drive home from the City like when we go to Madison Square Garden (an hour at 1:00am is a long trip!)

I feel less fat for the moment. But Mark has literally a dozen boxes of yummy cookies in the fridge - he reps a line of gourmet cookies Too Good Gourmet and they are calling me.


Josh Day said...

Hi Kim,

Currently my wife and I are doing a 21 day diet and cleansing program. We're video-blogging our experience daily and talking about how we feel as we progress along, what we're eating, how we're exercising, etc.

Cath said...

I started working out about a year ago - weight training mostly. But did not start watching what I eat - b/c hey, I'm exercising, I'm working, I'm baking/cooking GFCF, I'm researching, I'm drawing social stories - how much more can a gal take! This spring I stopped eating as much - started getting up at 5 to do an extra couple days of cardio. And the dial is headed down on the scale. I'm already stronger from a year of weight work with a trainer - this will hopefully get the fat off so the muscle can show --- b/c as you said the boy is getting stronger and I have to live forever to take care of him.