Friday, July 03, 2009

Swabbing (bleaching) the Decks

Good Lord. So we rented this house and have been here for a couple of weeks. I mopped the hardwood floors, polished them and vacuumed all the carpets before we moved in. The house was surface clean.

But now that I'm living in it, it has dawned on me that the previous tenant was a P-I-G pig. I've heard she was a nurse. For the love of God I hope she works in a veterinary clinic and not a hospital.

The curtain over the kitchen sink was black on the back with cooking residue. And the light over the sink? Hey! It's actually white and not brown! Some people just never deep clean. The ceiling fan in the kids room qualifies for an experiment at CDC.

When I left the "green house" in June (damn I miss that sweet little house) you could eat off the floors. And the toilets for that matter. I'd have been horrified to leave it dirty. I put a CAKE in the freezer for the landlord who was moving back in for Criminy sakes.

I'm bleaching the expansive tile floor in the kitchen, eating area and entry all off the garage. Can you hear the Doobie Brothers in the background? "Oh black water, keep on mopping..." The girls' white socks are filthy at the end of the day. I bought a steamer from Ebay - but need the pads for it.

The bathrooms were horrendous too. Not on the surface - so the LL probably didn't notice. They happen to be lovely people and they take outstanding care of this house, inside and out. No problems there at all. They're great. But the tub and shower floor? UGH. Twenty three Mr. Clean sponges later I'd scraped off the yuckiness.


Happy Independence Day. (Insert eye roll here.)


Jeanne said...

Kim, what kind of steamer did you buy? I have a stack of extra pads for my H2O mop (Thane brand). If your mop is a match, I'll be happy to send you a couple. :-)

Kim Stagliano said...

Hi - I bought the Eureka EnviroSteamer.

lumardi said...

um, I don't think I can ever have you come to my house. It probably has all of the nasty stuff that you just described...... and more!

I'm not a good cleaner. :o(
or maybe I'm just lazy~

Cheryl Kauffman said...

I went through the same thing when we bought our house. The previous owners had 2 big dogs and were heavy smokers. There was a 2 inch pile of dust on the ceiling fans, and the walls were yellow from the smoke. I thought our grout was black, turned out to be light brown. It took me weeks of scrubbing to get the house clean. I don't know how some people live!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Michelle, you have four boys in your house. It's impossible. And my cleanliness comes in fits and spurts. I'm clean - it's the clutter that gets me!

pixiemama said...

Uh, yeah. My house would probably be off limits too. Sorry sweets. Meet me at Starbucks instead?

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I don't know Pixie. My Starbucks got reported to HQ for cleanliness issues. By me. LOL!

Crystal said...

Well, if that doesn't make you OCD, nothing will. I believe my internal cleaning demons started when I moved into an apartment much like this. But now, it's clean and you don't have to worry about someone else's dirt. :)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Crystal, maybe that's the answer. I don't mind MY dirt so much. It's someone elses. Thank you.

K Fuller said...

I wish I had the OCD for cleaning, I really do. The Kitchen and bathrooms here are always clean,the rest of the house just passable. I do vaccum alot. Can I get away with saying I am trying to build my families immune system by not being,toooooooo clean?

Amy said...

I love that you left a cake in the freezer for the landlord.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I like his girls. They had to move out for a year. THeir parents got divorced. He took them Trick or Treating to the house while we lived in it, which horrified me. I am glad they are back home - the cake was for them. They don't deserve to suffer the sins of their parents. Kids never do.

daharja said...

Sorry. I'm probably a grot by your definition too.

There's always stuff needs doing at my house. I vaccuum once a week, and wash the floors once a week, and clean the bathroom once a week too. I think that's pretty good when you've got preschoolers. But it isn't pretty at times, that's for sure.

But could you eat off the floors? Yep - the bits of food my 2 year old throws down every single fricking night! As for clean and tidy, yes its basically clean, but we always have to do a cleanup before people come around. Drives me nuts. If people dropped around without me knowing, I'd freak. I tidy up every night, and by 10 in the morning, the place looks like a bomb has hit it. Again. Any ideas on how to solve THAT problem?

If I wanted it looking good all the time, I'd be cleaning 24/7, because the kids seem to spend their time making mess for a hobby.

I think my problem is I was spoiled by a 60s housemum who did everything for me, and I never learned how to clean and tidy. So now I look at mess and dirt and don't know how to keep the place clean and tidy, or how to tackle cleaning jobs. Spoiling kids doesn't help them when they ultimately have to face reality.

I didn't know how to clean bathrooms, toilets, windows or any of that when I moved out. I've learned...slowly... but it is a work in progress. I'm telling myself I'm going to teach my kids self reliance instead of how to be spoiled brats, so the vicious cycle doesn't continue.

So there you have it from an Official Spoiled Brat. I wish I hadn't been. Because I've had to learn how to do everything as an adult, the Hard Way.

Michelle O'Neil said...


If you ever come to my house do us both a favor and dress the family in black socks, okay?

Can I hire you as a cleaning consultant?

: )

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I've been buying the peds with the gray bottom. My house is never spotless - trust me! It's a rolling project isn't it? I just can't stand other people's dirt in my (current albeit temp) house. Especially in a shower. Like I don't clean shit all day? But somehow the shower bugged me.

That said, the house looks lovely and I am making friends with it a little more every day. Thank God for this cool weather so I'm not all sweaty and extra extra cranky!

My Kindle doesn't work well here though - the wireless signal is really weak.