Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fox Searchlight Films Love Story: ADAM Features Title Character w/ Aspergers. (Look how cute he is.)

ADAM, a romance featuring a title character with Asperger's Syndrome, opens July 29, 2009, but I have your ticket to an advance screening in select cities. CLICK HERE to find a screening.

Plus, Fox Searchlight Films has given Age of Autism a signed movie poster - leave your name in the comments to enter. Click HERE to enter!

Click HERE to visit the official Fox Searchlight site for Adam.

Romance can be risky, perplexing and filled with the perils of miscommunication - and that's if you aren't ADAM, for whom life itself is this way. In this heartfelt romantic comedy, Hugh Dancy (THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC) stars as Adam, a handsome but intriguing young man who has all his life led a sheltered existence - until he meets his new neighbor, Beth (Rose Byrne, "Damages," 28 WEEKS LATER, KNOWING), a beautiful, cosmopolitan young woman who pulls him into the outside world, with funny, touching and entirely unexpected results. Their implausible and enigmatic relationship reveals just how far two people from different realities can stretch in search of an extraordinary connection.

Directed by: Max Mayer Written by: Max Mayer Produced by: Leslie Urdang, Miranda De Pencier and Dean Vanech Co-produced by: Gary Guidice, Geoff Linville Executive produced by: Dan Revers and Christina Weiss Lurie Cast: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher, Amy Irving and Frankie Faison.


Full Soul Ahead! said...

Hmm. I'm always leery of romanticizing Asperger's. Being the trendy thing to do and what not, but the movie does look intriguing.

I hope it comes to Cleveland.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Milonka, I hear you. I try to remember that for every kids like my three, there are wonderful people like John Robison who finds a "mate" and marries and has kids. And your precious Riley. I'm glad the topic is "out there" and I too am waiting to see what it's like.

There are THREE screenings in Cleveland - including Cedar Lee - click the screenings link. I heard they are sold out!

Roger Kulp said...

I wouldn't go overboard promoting it,until you have actually seen it.It might be chock full of neurodiversity propaganda.

drama mama said...

Interesting. I'll see it. Like Michelle, I, too am skeptical of portrayals of people with autism. Look how wacky! Look at how fun! Look at how much they love the galaxy! And numbers!

Hugh is a good actor, and I hope he's done his homework, because I know a lot of us will be watching.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I do know that a nice young man with Asperger's in NY was part of the coaching team - so they went for realism. I agree, it will be interesting to see the portrayal. I know it will be nothing like my girls. And I'm exasperated by Apserger's being called "autism" when what my girls have is called "autism" too. It's like hearing "ski resort" and being from Ohio where the ski slope is a molehill and being from Switzerland in the alps. Same word, very different experience. I'm eager to hear the reviews. I was supposed to go to a screening in the city last week - of course, I couldn't get a sitter to watch the girls and it would have been a $125 movie between sitter and train. MArk wasn't available.