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Autism One is a comprehensive conference where parents can learn about how to help their children (old or young) with autism from A - Z with an emphasis on T for treatment.

I'll be speaking on Saturday along with my colleagues from Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill. I believe I'm also on a media panel first thing in the morning. And we're doing something for Spectrum Magazine on Friday, I think. My publicist has the details. Oh wait. I don't have a publicist. I'd better get on the stick and figure out my schedule, eh?

And I'll be meeting my fellow book-mates Dennis Debbaut, Stephen Shore and Robert Parish, the editor of Embracing Autism. We may be having a book signing. My very first!

I'm now going to spend the day moving heaven and earth to prepare my husband and kids for 4 days without Mom. Let's see, I made the supplement filled pancakes for Gianna. I have to put Mia and Bella's supplements into baggies - one for each day. I need to label the mineral drop bottles so Mark knows who and how many drops. I'm doing laundry. And more laundry. And then more laundy. I have monthly girly pad things packed in case there is a God and she torments my husband with one of the girls getting her period while I'm gone. I did a Trader Joe's run. I have GFCF foods packed, hemp milk, rice milk, organic juice boxes ready to go. I baked GF bread yesterday and will prepare sandwiches for the freezer. I've packed their digestive enzyymes.
It is likely that I myself will arrive in Chicago with no toothbrush, one pair of panties and mismatched shoes. And now I think I'll turn this into a HuffPo piece. Later!

From the A1 site:

Autism One 2008 Overview RECOVERY RISING


► Defeat Autism Now! Clinician Seminar, Thursday, May 22. For ten years Defeat Autism Now! has trained hundreds of practitioners around the country in the most effective, scientifically-based methods for treating autism. Now, the Defeat Autism Now! Clinician Seminar is coming to Autism One.

Defeat Autism Now! and Autism One are delighted to be working together to provide clinicians with the same great training to help care for the medical problems of children with autism.

The Clinician Seminar is a project of the
Autism Collaboration whose mission includes identifying and implementing the most innovative ideas to help our children get better, faster.

► Advanced Parent Training, Friday, May 23. Not all children respond equally to all treatments. Some children improve dramatically with each intervention, some do not. Then there are children who progress and subsequently hit a roadblock.

If you are a parent or practitioner, Advanced Parent Training builds on your existing body of experience and knowledge to help you better appreciate a great number of factors to critically examine and potentially apply.

Parents continue to be the prime motivating force of the modern autism movement and parents should have the opportunity to fully understand and evaluate their best options and choices. Advanced Parent Training presentations provide you with the most intense education to help move your child to the next level.

► Amy Yasko, PhD, Symposium, Saturday, May 24. Dr. Yasko, a leading researcher, has developed many innovative ideas for testing and treating autism. She is also the best-selling author of The Puzzle of Autism: Putting It All Together.For more information about Dr. Yasko’s work, visit:

Dr. Amy feels there is hope for everyone. Individuals up to 30-years old have benefited from her program.

In this special 3-hour symposium Dr. Yasko shares very specific biomedical information detailing many of her unique findings that help children and adults. Don’t miss this much anticipated public appearance.

PRE-CONFERENCE DAYS: WEDNESDAY, MAY 21 and THURSDAY, MAY 22. The Art of Special Diets - Wednesday, May 21: The “Art of Special Diets” Goes Global!

Enjoy the return of Autism One’s three Culinary Experts who will add an international flair. Join chefs Sueson Vess, author of Special Eats, Julie Matthews, author of Nourishing Hope, and Betsy Hicks, diet counselor of Pathways Medical, as they share tips, techniques and recipes that your family will love! Sueson, Julie, and Betsy will feature recipes from a variety of diets (including gluten- casein-free and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and nationalities to teach you how to deliciously customize the best diet for your child, yourself, and your whole family.

Special diets never tasted so good. Open your kitchen and heart to a world of possibilities. Mom’s Health and Happiness - Wednesday, May 21: Moms do everything to help their children. In the pursuit ignoring their health and happiness. Moms must be happy and healthy to enjoy their life and to pass that enjoyment to their children. Mom’s Health and Happiness explores and addresses questions of emotional and spiritual health, as well as everything you always wanted to know about your health but didn’t know who to ask. The day is devoted to healing your body, mind, and spirit from the inside out. The world can change in a day – make this your day.

First Responders - Thursday, May 22: This special day of training is suitable for law enforcement, fire rescue, public safety, emergency medical response teams, hospital ERs, 911 dispatchers, social services workers, and criminal justice agency personnel. The general public is also welcome. (Law enforcement credits are available.)Persons with developmental disabilities are approximately seven times more likely to come in contact with law enforcement professionals than others. The rising population of children with autism is coming of age. Adolescents and young adults will be less confined to supervised settings and increasingly more active in public places. Police and first response professionals will meet children and adults in field situations. 'Odd' behaviors by individuals with autism will promote concern and anxiety in an unknowing public and first responders.The Autism, Law Enforcement & Public Safety Training Day provides the knowledge necessary to recognize and safely and appropriately deal with these encounters.

Special Education Law Day for Parents & Professionals - IEP University – Thursday May 22: Advocating for your child is a complex and sometimes counter-intuitive process. In these sessions, parents will learn the basic concepts of special education law, the importance of strategizing and how to use this knowledge to gain control of their child's education. The primary goal of this track: Become an empowered IEP team member by gaining an understanding of special ed law, which then can be directly applied to their child's specific needs and situation.

Main Conference: Friday, May 23 - Sunday, May 25 Presentations in the main conference are divided into five tracks1. Biomedical Treatments2. Behavior / Education / Communication Therapies3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine4. Adolescence and Adulthood5. Government / Legal / Personal IssuesA LIVED EXPERIENCE

The Arts Festival Is proud to present a wide variety of art, from poetry to painting to the performing arts. It’s about life and passion and joy and celebrating the unique gifts our community brings to the world. Art inspires, finding form in each of us. Art is singular yet touches all of us.

Workshops and Roundtable Discussions Communication works best when everyone is involved. Lend your voice to the mix. The Workshops and Roundtables are intimate forums to thoroughly address a variety of concerns in an atmosphere of learning and discovery.

Mentor Mom Program Brings fellow parents to help guide you. The Mentor Moms will help you better understand the treatments and therapies as they apply to your child and be your 24/7/365 resource.

a catalyst for change at Autism One 2008.

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Petra said...

OMG KIm, you made me laugh out loud. As you know I am going through the exact same "planning a military operation" exercise, as oh my, the Head Zookeeper is going to be gone for a few days (minus the girlie pads thing obviously.. LOL). You never realize how much you actually DO until you have to write it all done and prepare for a few days of you not being there to get things done..

See you in Chicago darlin'..