Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mia and Gianna make First Holy Communion today! Photos to follow!

I remember crying to my father in law (RIP) at my nephew's First Communion back in 2001. I said, "I don't think this will ever happen for Mia." Thanks to the wonderful folks at St. Theresa's Catholic Church in the diocese of Bridgeport and Miss June Venditti, special ed CCD teacher for 27 years, Mia's day has come. I hope my FIL is watching us from heaven. Boy, I miss him. One day soon I'll write a post about Mike Stagliano. He was something special.


Amanda said...

Not being Catholic I have absolutely no idea what's involved for this but it sounds big, it sounds important to you and it sounds like a huge milestone for your girls. On that basis, congratulations and I will be thinking of you!

On a technical point, how do you convey the abstract idea of faith and religion to the girls in a way they can understand? Do they understand the concepts, the denominational ideals? If you can explain all that to yours I want to know what your secret is!!

Love and happy thoughts as always


Niksmom said...

Congrats to all of you! I'm sure your FIL is smiling down upon you. :-)

Josh Day said...

Big congrats to your girls, Kim, and to you!

Kim Stagliano said...

Josh Day!!!! Hello!!! :)
Thanks, all. Photos to follow. They did great.

Amanda, Catholics can't take Communion until they make First Communion - it's one of the sacraments like Baptism and Marriage. (For us straight folks, anyway, don't get me started.)

Thanks Niksmom - yes, Absolut martini in hand!

Amanda said...

I'm confused. If you take communion then one of them has to be your first. I was brought up to be a protestant so we have baptism, confirmation, marriage - all of which are life long commitments. Does your First communion equal our confirmation? If it does I am stunned amazed and in awe of you for getting your girls there...and I STILL want to know your secret!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Congrats Kim!

Are those wafers GF/CF?

: )

drama mama said...

Kim, Miss M made her First Communion last year.

I know what it takes to do what your girls are doing. God bless their CCC teacher, and God bless them.

Sending love your way -

Amy said...

I'm sure it was beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

"Miss June Venditti, special ed CCD teacher for 27 years"

Now, *this* is what acceptance and tolerance is all about!

Give Mia and Gianna *and* Miss June a huge hug for demonstrating what it really means to be a Christian!


PS...Kim, Josh Day! I'm dying :-)

Kim in NYC said...

Such a wonderful milestone. As a former catholic (now a converted Jew with a buddhist bent) I congratulate the girls on this great day. I recall well the photos my parents still have of me in my veil and white dress missing my front teeth (proud to say that the next time -- my wedding -- that I wore a veil and white dress, I had teeth!) You must be beaming from ear to ear. can't wait to see the pix! Kim

Amy said...

Kelli - what a beautiful comment.

"for demonstrating what it really means to be a Christian"

You are so right on there.

Holly Kennedy said...

This is so wonderful, Kim!
Huge congrats from Canada.

Patry Francis said...

What a special day! I only have one daughter, but I can still remember how she looked in her First Communion dress. Can't wait to see the photos.