Thursday, May 08, 2008

May Event from the Autism Society of Connecticut (pssst, anyone see my little joke? Look closely.)

Spring is here at ASCONN and we have more events and activities for you and your family as the weather gets nicer.

Join the Hartford Region on Thursday, May 27 from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at Jewish Family Services, 333 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford for "Embracing Autism: Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's not!" with Kim Stagliano and Cammie McGovern - parents, authors and autism advocates.(rescheduled from Tues. April 29)

Kim Stagliano is a writer, Huffington Post blogger and Managing Editor of and mother of three daughters with autism. She lives in Fairfield County with her husband and the girls. Kim will read from her chapter, "Three Special Kids. No Apologies Necessary" from the new book, "Embracing Autism. Connecting and Communicating with Children in the Autism Spectrum" and then open the discussion to the audience.

Cammie McGovern is a novelist, ASD activist, and mother of three. Her oldest child, Ethan, carries a diagnosis in the autism spectrum. His 'difficulties' have inspired a novel and the founding of a resource center called Whole Children, which runs after-school classes and programs for children with special needs. Cammie will read from her excerpt "The Freedom to be Odd," from same book.

Book signing!

Call Beth Katten at 860-236-8374 or e-mail for more information and to register. For more information visit


Adaora A. said...

OMG I'm so proud! Connecticut is my home state. I'm Fairfield County! I have family in Hartford.
I really wish I could make it. That's wonderful Kim.

~Miss Nelson said...

I am only a few miles away from there and I plan to check and see if I can attend!


RJeff said...

I got it lol. Hope you had a great Mommie's Day, Kim.