Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rosemary Harris' "Pushing Up Daisies"
Wow! My husband bought me a book for Mother's day! Two! One is Janet Evanovich's first three Stephanie Plum books in one hardcover. Love it. Of course, I've read all three books umpteen times. First as an avid fan and lately as a writer. But it's a treat to have them in one safe place on my bookshelf, all nice and clean. My originals are a bit worn by now!

The second book is by Rosemary Harris, who happens to live in Fairfield County (and Manhattan) where I live! Her cover art is fabulous (those daisies look oh so Picasso!)and I'd have pulled this book off the shelf and bought it myself. Is Mark great, or what? Oh, I also got some girly Lavender shower stuff from Blue Tulip. Very nice. I never buy myself that kind of stuff. I'm a real un-girl that way. So it's a treat to have some lovely potions with which to pamper myself.

Rosemary's website has a nifty "What are you" ditty for flowers. Check mine out - completely accurate. I've never been a sweet pea or a rose or a shrinking violet. Snap dragon? Oh yes, that's me!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?


Amanda said...

Turns out I'm a canna - but I don't agree with the last bit of what it said. The first bit is spot on!

Kim Stagliano said...

Canna? Is that pot? LOL!

Michelle O'Neil said...

This was fun.

I'm a sunflower.

Amy said...

I'm an Iris...which is hilarious because I really don't think the iris is a very pretty flower. Self-image issues?

Kim Stagliano said...

The iris is such a pretty color! Could have been worse - I dislike Gladiola's - they remind me of funerals!

Demon Hunter said...

I keep saying that I'll read the Stephanie Plum books when I get a chance to because my TBR pile is too large right now. I still have bags in

Terri Lewis said...

This was fun, Kim!

Those of you who know me a bit will be shocked (absolutely shocked!) that I come out as a snapdragon, too.

There must be some mistake. . .


Terri L.

Kim in NYC said...

Golly, I am a sweet little daisy! My husband would probably say I am a nasty ol' venus flytrap but I will take the daisy and continually remind him that, dammit, I am sweet (as long as I get my way)!

what a fun site.

Laura said...

I'm a canna, too, which I'm not really that fond of. I'd prefer to be a snapdragon. :)

I just tried to go back to the site to re-read about canna and this was there:

You Are a Canada Thistle
"You are a mean spirited, ornery cuss. People try to get rid of you and you just keep coming back."

Hahahha! That's awesome! I wish I were a Canada Thistle!