Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On HuffPo: An Autism Mom Leaves the Pod

You can read my HuffPo version of going to Autism One HERE. Do comment over there, won't you? Thanks!


Stephen Parrish said...

Hi Kimmy, for some reason HuffPo still won't let me comment (maybe because I'm a fuzzy foreigner). Another great post in a long series of great posts. If I were you I'd wear mismatched shoes whenever I traveled, to make a statement. Think about it.

Petra said...

Hey Kim:

Can't comment on HuffPo, still haven't registered yet (yes, you can yell at me in Chicago).

Love the piece, it's dead on. Right now I am cycling between sadness, as I'll miss my boys terribly, and excitement, as, just like you, I don't get 'out' much.
Salamander handled things OK this morning (trying to be the 'brave one'.. I'm sure school will get to deal with some anxiety etc issues), Potatey was a mess.

Glad to hear you can go to June 4th. Still working on that one myself, but it doesn't look good.

OK, off I go to make one more batch of almond flour waffles, cross check my supplement schedule one more time and, yes, then I'll finally start packing..

See ya later today/ tomorrow/ sometime during the next few days.

Amanda said...

Now, you see, no one told us we would for the rest of our lives be the lynch pin of the universe once we became mothers did they? If we're sick, absent, or on strike the whole thing falls apart and the wheels come off. Every time.

Hope you enjoy your time away but I give you 36 hours before you're pining for home and sneaking a call between lectures...

PS Hot hubby just came in "What's new then?" "Kim's going away with out the kids" "Well that's not allowed..." he's a fab dad but he really pushes his luck sometimes!!

Holly Kennedy said...

I've TRIED to comment over there 3x but no luck. God knows why. It's probably my system which has been without internet service for days and is just now getting juice back in its veins *sigh*

Hope you have/had a great trip, Kimbo!!