Thursday, May 08, 2008

Friday! Howard Stern's Classic: COOKIEPUSS!

Some bloggers (ahem, Mizz O'Neil) have been spreading rumors that I am a sweet, generous, virtuous, angelic, patient Mother of the year type. Fu@k that s#it! (Aaahh, that felt good!) OK, I'm not Joan Crawford, but I'm not June Cleaver either. And one of my "vices" is that I have been a Howard Stern fan for over 15 years. Love him. I listen to him on Sirius Satellite radio for most of the day. I wear a Stiletto - the Sirius mp3 player, not the pointy shoe.

On Fridays they play a replay of old shows dating back as far as 1988 as far as I've heard since the replays started. The host? Sir Harden Thicke. Get it? So Beavis and Butthead! So, Howard Stern, I know. See, I'm not all speech therapy and mosquito nets.

Tomorrow they are airing the bit that was voted #1 of every bit they've ever done. COOKIEPUSS. It's when Fred buys his Mom a Carvel cake. If you live in the NE you know Carvel - Tom Carvel used to do his own ads with a voice that sounded like a gravel pit. For Father's Day you bought a Fudgie the Whale cake. End of story. Flying Saucers? The best cookie sandwich with ice cream ever. Carvel is an institution. When I lived in Ohio (insert tiny shudder here) a Carvel opened up. One of the first in the state. I banged on the door - the place was closed. "LET ME IN!!!" I was SO excited to see my old ice creamy favorites.

Tomorrow you'll find me lying on my kitchen floor with tears streaming down my face as I listen to Cookie Puss. Maybe I'll even get one for Mother's Day? Hint hint hint.


Amanda said...


No Mum hat, no taxi hat not therapist hat and not the nutritionist one either?? Ain't ya cold Kimmy?

Here's to remembering to be us every once in a while. Last night I drove out in the morris (minor 1959) in the sunshine with the top down and the wind in my hair - no kids, just me, hot-hubby and the west coast road....

Laura said...

Cookie Puss! I love those ads. Ahh, childhood!

I don't have a Sirius, but enjoyed reading Howard's book, Private Parts. Great name for a memoir.

Hope you get a lovely Carvel Cake for Mother's Day!

Your very sweet, angelic friend who also never curses. No, never. Oh, wait, that's bullshit.

Drama Mama said...

Dude. I'm with you on Howard. I too, have shameful habits...Perez Hilton, Howard, Celebrity Rehab...

I have to laugh - my husband is from Westchester and talks all the time about Cookie Puss.

What the hell does he mean about red-dipped cones?

Michelle O'Neil said...

Oh God. I could only read part of this post it is so sickening and wrong.

Just plain wrong.

I don't get it. Him.

Scuze, going to vomit now.

Zack Hutchinson said...

Baba Booey