Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Dr. Bernadine Healy knows the inside truth on autism and vaccines and the lack of studies by our gov't and has no reason to lie.

I realize I sound like a tin foiled hatted conspiracy theorist to those of you outside of the my quadrant of the autism world, but Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of the NIH is a reliable source. And since she's no longer on the gov't payroll and her husband is retired as the head of the Cleveland Clinic, she is free to speak her mind. And her conscience. The government knows autism (some? most?) and other brain damage is caused by vaccines.....

I tuned in this morning to http://www.abcradio.com/ to listen to Don Imus live. Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of NIH and Sheryl Atkisson from CBS were on to discuss vaccines. From today's program:

Sharyl Attkisson reports: CBS was tipped off to cases as far back as 1991 where the gov't is paying families for brain damage for vaccine cases - the gov't is not tracking which of them would be called autism. Healy was shocked.

Points brought up by Dr. Healy:

The Poling case is so important.

The principle of herd immunity drives vaccine thinking because of that there's a fear in public health community that people will stop getting vaccines.

Public Health officials feel: We are challenging something too important let's not do the studies or the science."

People would be surprised to know there are over 1300 cases awarded by vaccine court. We need to study that. The science hasn't been done.

The research on this (mercury in vaccines) is scant. NIH study in primates showed ethyl mercury left more mercury in the brain.

We're afraid to do the research.

Sheryl Attkisson talking about Dr. Healy.

Poling case piqued Healy's curiosity.

She realized that we weren't getting the full story for the last decade.

She had a sense of outrage.

Medical voices saying the same thing and easy to paint them with the same brush. When she says something like this agreeing with people are are considered off center it means something.

CBS news was very interested in pursuing any story that has merit and value and people would be interested.

No causal evidence. Dr. Healy pointed out that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

She believes they (gov't) haven't looked because people would stop vaccinating.

Vaccination doesn't have to be all or nothing. There's something in between if you can identify if there are susceptible children.

Dr. Healy expressed herself as very pro-vaccine. She was surprised about things (studies) that haven't been done. Like on self-selected kids in the vaccine court. Find things that make them susceptible so side affects from vaccines.

CBS was tipped off to cases as far back as 1991 where the gov't is paying families for brain damage for vaccine cases - the gov't is not tracking which of them would be called autism. Healy was shocked.


The Wandering Author said...

My vet is even suspicious of vaccines. He has advised us to give our cats only the vaccines they absolutely have to have - even thought this means we make fewer visits and buy less "shots" from him.

He is troubled by various side effects of the mercury in vaccines and of the increased immune response. He is also not a crackpot. We drive miles out of our way to visit this vet, as everyone in that office is the best there is.

Now, if vaccines aren't safe enough to use on pets...

The Wandering Author said...

Further addition: he has advised us not to get too many shots at once - and offered not to charge for extra visits if cost was an issue. He feels too many shots at once are almost certain to have adverse results, even on full grown cats.

Yet they give babies shot after shot in one visit? It doesn't make sense to me.

Soapbox amanda said...

Wandering Author - no shit Sherlock!!

and I mean that with no disrespect, just total agreement. If you put lots of poisons in a body, it's not going to do it much good. If that body is small and developing, i.e. a baby or child, the effects are going to be more pronounced. It isn't rocket science for God's sake!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Dr. Healy is a brave woman. Bless her.