Sunday, September 23, 2007

Now Serving: Politics, Parasites and Pate.

The hell with it, I'm blogging! Instead of not blogging and being highly productive on my book I was fretting over not blogging and being highly productive on my book. So I'm pulling on my big girl panties and telling myself that I can blog, AND work on my book AND all the other things I have to do. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

OK - (aah, that feels good!) So I had a very cool Saturday. You may or may not know that I edit an autism blogsite called The Rescue Post. Within six weeks it is going to have a new name and the addition of a well known journalist I shall call "J-man" as managing editor. I had a meeting in Massachusetts yesterday to discuss the changes with J-man and PT, another well known name in the autism world. My husband and I met J-man, PT and his wife AG for dinner at a great restaurant in Newton called Ariadne.

If you had been sitting at the banquette next to us you'd have heard us talking about politics, the guys talking baseball (and checking their TREO's for scores, much to my chagrin) placing one order for a pate appetizer and then AG and me talking about treatments for parasites. That's where you might have said, "Check please!" We all laughed at how nice it was to be able to speak the language of autism without having to translate. Some of the conversation got a little graphic, there was much poop talk and of course, the worm chat.

If you and I ever have dinner together I suggest you order that empty doggie bag early on in the meal. You might need to keep it on your lap, just in case of "conversational turbulence."


kim's blog said...

Knew it! Knew it! Knew it! You LURVE me!

Kim Stagliano said...

Yes, I "lurve" you my little blog.

LOLOLOL!!! That first time you commented was the best comment ever, my blog. Provided a much needed laugh. Truly!

amanda said...

So Kim, how many books do you think I can score? It's for a REALLY good cause and we will auction them at a ceilidh on 29th February (that's a barn dance to you!)

SOAR provide all kinds of opportunitues for kids affected by disability - including holiday clubs, after school clubs, and a YOFI group for the older kids. It's the only one serving the area which is east to west coast to coast Scotland North of Inverness for about 60 miles.

Polly Kahl said...
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Laura said...

Yay! You came back to us! We've missed you! And I will gladly go out to dinner and discuss poop and parasites anytime you get out to WA state. That sounds a lot like my monthly dinners with other Autism Moms. Poop and parasites is nothing, baby! Pass the gluten and casein-filled bread and butter!

amanda said...

Some things just don't chnage do they? where there are autism parents there will be stomach churning conversation for those foolhardy eavedroppers!

Michelle O'Neil said...

Ah...she cracked!

Welcome back!