Saturday, September 01, 2007

LOOK ME IN THE EYE. "It's Soup!"

Do you recall the old Lipton Soup advertisement? Lipton is a powdered, dried out soup you add water to and then boil for a bit so that the 4,231 chemicals in it soften up and resemble broth and noodles. The ad campaign featured antsy kids asking, "Mom! Is it soup yet?" "Not yet." And then the final payoff, "It's soup!"

Well, LOOK ME IN THE EYE is soup! And probably tastier and more nourishing that that packet of dreck called Lipton chicken noodle soup.

Here's the hardcover. WOWEE! I don't mean to boast (as I puff out my chest to its full 1/2 " dimension) but I have a manuscript copy of LMITE. Plain old computer paper. Very cool. And I have an Advance Reader Copy (ARC.) But I dearly want a hardcover.

I'll be at John's signing in NYC at the flagship Barnes & Noble in Union Square (NYC) on 9/25! I took out a small loan so I can pay a babysitter for 7 hours. I can't wait to meet Augusten Burroughs, John's brother, and to just celebrate John's acheivement in this book. I'll also be at the signing on the 26th at RJ Julia in Madison Connecticut. Then I'll stop going to signings lest I become a groupie. I've read about groupies in John's book, from his KISS days. I don't think I should become one at my age.

COME TO A SIGNING!!!! NY, CT and then MASS lead the way. Check out the dates at John's SITE .


Drama Mama said...

You have no idea how upset I am that I will miss John in NYC; I arrive on the 26th!!! Ugh!

I am waiting with baited breath for that book---

Mia King said...

Now I *have* to get the book - I've been watching it since it got paired with Pat's book on amazon, but it wasn't until I read your post that I decided to read it!

Hope all is well with you and your girls - LOVE their names - and can't imagine my own daughter in fifth grade much less seventh (she starts second grade this year). I had my first serious crush in fourth grade. Fourth grade!! What is this world coming to?

John Elder Robison said...

Just as in the KISS days, the groupies are pretty safe with me but the supporting staff may still savage them. That's how it happened back then, too.

Trades for backstage passes, stuff like that . . .

I hope we get decent crowds at all the stops on this tour . . . we'll see soon enough.


mcewen said...

Have a great day - not too long to wait either!

Irene said...

i'm crossing my fingers and hoping to see you there!

Kim Stagliano said...

Irene, what fun! I hope we can get a HUGE group of autism Moms there. Bring friends!

The Muse said...


My closest friend from college has a dear friend named Tina who is rather well known and active in the autism community in New York. I have contacted her about the book signing. I think that she will bring many of her friends. Her oldest son is on the spectrum.

Kim Stagliano said...

The Muse, that's fabulous! The more the merrier.