Thursday, September 13, 2007

Join the "in" crowd and be the FIRST to read 40 WEEKS!

I have a blog buddy who is also an aspiring writer like me. Like I. Like myself. Whatever. She too has a fabulous agent. And I just learned that her book is close to a sale. Really close. Can't tell you how HUGE that is for a debut author.

Stephanie Elliot (one t) has kindly put a taste of her novel onto her blog for your enjoyment!

Steph is VERY funny and goes by the moniker, "Manic Mom." She means it. Three kids. Tons of suburban angst. Chicago chic. So check out a chapter and let her know what you think!

CLICK HERE to zip on over to her place.

Enjoy! And there will be a quiz on Monday. Be prepared.


Manic Mom said...

Hey Kim! You're the best ('cept one T in Elliot, but I get that a lot!)

Thanks so much! And if you're serious about a quiz, I'll put up a prize... coffee, books, music--whatta ya think?

Thanks for helping out a fellow blog-writer-pent-up mom! hee hee!

Kimm said...

I wondered about the T and didn't bother to check. MY BAD! I'll fix it. When your book sells we'll have that contest. Now just enjoy the suspense!

amanda said...

I skipped over to have a read but got bored. Sorry Manic, I tried I really did, but it's not my thing. Reminded me of earwiging a couple of friends chatting on the bus when you're on your own and people spotting when you've finished your paper. Maybe I'll try again another time...

amanda said...

I skipped over to Manic's site and have come back for sanity's sake. She is a mad woman and I'm glad I don't live near her, we would be friends and dangerous to know! ;)

Manic Mom said...

Hey Amanda--I totally appreciate your honesty on this! No hard feelings!!!

I think reading is one person's perception, you know, how some people like a certain movie, and others don't... anyway, I appreciate you checking out 40 weeks, and I do see you've read and commented at Manic's so it's all good--I will not come after you with an axe... at least not without me putting on my SCREAM mask first! ; 0


Kim Stagliano said...

Steph, we've been helping each other on this publishing journey for a while now, yes? I'm really hopeful for you. Sending good thoughts to that EDITOR. BUY 40 WEEKS!!! You have such a huge blog following it will sell sell sell!

The Writers' Group said...

Hey, MM, I really liked it. Especially the conflict at work. Good luck, I'll keep my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you.


mcewen said...

Cheers. I was a regular visitor during the summer [great style] but things have got a little out of hand at home lately. Thanks for the reminder.