Friday, September 28, 2007

BRUUUUUUUCE! All Bruce 24/7 on Sirius 10!
When I write I wear headphones and crank up Sirius Satellite Radio. Usually channel 22, First Wave. Or 75, Siriusly Sinatra. The music helps me concentrate on my writing believe it or not.

To promote Bruce's new tour with the E Street Band, Sirius is airing all Bruce on Channel 10. Right now I'm listening to New York City Serenade and I have goose bumps. Bruce for me means parties, and fun and goofing off in my high school dorm room with my best friends and making out in parked cars and sipping wine from bottles with screw tops and weaving through Hanover NH on a frigid night and lying on the beach in East Orleans and driving in my little red Jetta to Castle Hill in Newport and now - holding Mark's hand through a concert.

Hearing songs that energize me and remind of fun times from my "yout" help me to get creative and feel the joy I need to write fiction. I love writing fiction, I adore my story and my characters. So I need to be "up" to write. I feel like the mood I'm in when I write flavors my storytelling ability as much as shaking salt into a stewpot.
Funny, my best non-fic autism writing usually stems from anger as my motivation. When I say, "What the F*ck" I know I have a good piece about to hit the page/screen.
(OOOH! Badlands just came on!)

On October 18 Mark and I are going to Madison Square Garden to see Bruce. Our wedding anniversary is on the 19th. What a perfect gift!

Back to my revisions and the Badlands of autism.


Kathryn Johansen said...

Kim, I so agree about the ability to raise and transmute your energy in a heartbeat with particular pieces of music. I can see how it could lift you way up into a higher frequency and unleash your creative flow. Never even thought about writing with the headphones on. It think its the BLISS that really opens the valve.

You are so fortunate to live somewhere where you have access to people like Tony Bennnet and BRUCE!

Lisa said...

Kim - Where did you go to school. I'm a Stoneleigh Burnham girl from '84.

I CRANKED Led Zepplin (physical graffiti) driving from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, and there is something about the music from my youth that is so VITAL, viceral and vonderful. Talking Heads and Neil Young effects me that too.

Lisa said...

Yikes - proofread much? More caffeine needed.

Kim Stagliano said...

Noble and Greenough, in the ISL '81 (yikes I'm old!) :)

Lisa said...

Crapisodes keep you young and sassy.

I highly recommend the bands, Cake, Gorillaz and Amy Winehouse (she's a mess, but what a voice....)

Michelle O'Neil said...

You must read Hope Edelman's Springsteen piece.

Happy Anniversary and cute cakes below!

LadyBronco said...

The biggest downside to living in Colorado? The lack of singers/bands/entertainers who are willing to come here, risk a nosebleed and/or shortness of breath, and allow us to enjoy their presence for a short while.

I am very jealous ~ enjoy yourselves!