Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bernard Rimland Center and Angela Moore Jewelry

The Rimland Center named for Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Society of America and the Autism Research Institute opens in Lynchburg, Virginia this month.

The center will provide autism treatment, training and networking for families. There will be also be a general pediatric practice so that parents can care for their children's total health under one roof.

Here's an easy and beautiful way to support this new center.

You can purchase the Angela Moore "Autism Awareness Collection" of silver and enamel jewelry, featuring the autism puzzle design, and 15% of the proceeds will go to the center.

You can see the collection and place your order HERE.

Please use consultant number 300400 to ensure The Rimland Center receives their contribution.

Thank you to Angela Moore sales consultant Pam Freedman for her generous offer to the Rimland Center. For more information about the Rimland Center please call Catherine Mosely at 434-528-9075.


Ahvarahn said...

Just got back from exotic Belfast and Paris, where there was no sign of votre (“It’s a mom”) pee-pee although there were nose tickling odors of chateau de toillette in select upscale corners of le Metro. But not your vintage I’d expect. I'm sure you've missed me. Had a long chat with sis-in-law about the nephew's Aspergers and recommended a good book *wink, wink* Hope you're well, and have replenished the beer stash.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hello! I was wondering where you'd gone. No whiff of me in Paree, huh? Just as well. I read another good book - and blogged it a few posts ago - "Dear Gabriel" by Halfdan Freihow, a dad in Norway. About his son's autism. Maybe your sis in law would like it?

Beer stocked. I've learned my lesson.

jpozda said...

Just ordered myself a necklace--I love it! Thanks for passing this along.

Kim Stagliano said...

Hooray, JP! HAve you read Lottery yet?

jpozda said...

Just started Lottery the other day and am loving it. Will post when I'm done!

David Garbourg said...

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