Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bcummer. The eagle has been grounded.

From the Boston News about my alma mater. If you're paying rent why shouldn't you be able to have a party in your home whether you're 21 and serving rot gut or 51 and serving Chateau Le Pepe le Peu le XV? We had some great parties on Egremont Road. Today's kids have a lot of cool technology, but a lot more rules and consequences too.

"Boston College cracks down on off-campus parties

Boston College is cracking down on rowdy, off-campus parties with a little help from the Boston Police Department. Boston College police will be alongside BPD officers three nights a week patrolling the area around BC, where many students live. BC students used to just face campus disciplinary hearings for partaking in off-campus parties, but now they face arrests. District 14-Brighton, where BC is located, also has a new police captain, Genevieve King, who encourages officers to arrest students behaving inappropriately. Boston College is notifying its students of the new zero-tolerance policy this week, as classes are scheduled to resume next week."


Teacake said...

police captain, Genevieve King, who encourages officers to arrest students behaving inappropriately

As you say, I doubt they could arrest them just for having a party. This suggests there has to be something illegal going on, like disorderly conduct or underage drinking. And as such things are, of course, unheard of in Cleveland Circle, this really should be no big deal, right?

My alma mater too. :)

Anonymous said...

What happened to "the land of the free"? The whole point of going to college is to behave disgracefully and have a great time with the degree being a happy side effect.

How about doing something about violence, holding weapons with no legitimate use for them, or is this a case of a slow day at the newspaper office? Sounds to me like a case of montains and mole hills at the least and more likely wholely inaccurate lazy journalism!

The Anti-Wife said...

If you Bostonians would learn to pronounce things correctly the police might not be so interested in you. Like China in the rest of the country is Chinarh in Boston!

Alex Bledsoe said...

Face it, kids are different now. Fights that would've once ended with a bloody nose now end with someone shot. Parties where we would've gotten drunk, stoned and giddy now involve date rape and overturned cars. And nothing ANYONE does is ever their own fault. I tell my son the only way to protect yourself is to grow up to be a lawyer.

It's sad. Because, as amanda says, it should be a time of exploration, both personal and societal. But if college students can't be trusted, for whatever reason, then they have to face the consequences.

Not to worry, though. As they say in "This is Spinal Tap," Boston's not a big college town, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

Should we not be asking ourselves why kids are "different these days?" Not all kids are "different these days" so what makes the "difference"?
In my humble opinion it is in no small way due to lack of disciplin in the home and school from the outset. Children need to learn to respect property and people, it's as simple as that.