Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is This Pat Wood's Blog?

I know, the seafaring creatures belong on Pat Wood's blog.

However, we went to The Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio on our vacation and saw all sorts of creatures. The main attraction was the manatee exhibit. My Gianna adores all things manatee. Somehow the manatee speaks to Miss G. She is my nature girl. John Robison talked about autism and the calming force of mother nature on his blog last week.

We're also a carousel family. Yeah, I guess it's that whole spinning/autism thing. I have photos of my kids on dozens of carousels. This beauty is at the Columbus Zoo too. Miss Bella's vestibular system was SO out of whack for so long that she couldn't handle the motion of a carousel. Cranio sacral therapy and The Listening Program helped her little brain reorganize itself and now she rides with a huge smile on her face. You can't see her sweet little face because I am smooching her. You would too if you saw her. Her sisters are behind us.


Drama Mama said...

I love the way you're kissing your cub.
I know exactly what kind of mom you are. I'm one of those, too. Can't stop lavishing the love.

Kim Stagliano said...

Thanks, Drama. I'm so proud of how she has conquered the carousel. Have you recovered from the idiot doc you saw??

Niksmom said...


Love the photo of you kissing your sweet girl!

Can you tell me more about the craniosacral therapy and the Listening Program? I've had CS myself but don't know if Nik would tolerate it (he's a VERY wiggly 3 1/2). He has terrible vestibular problems and insecurities. Feel free to email me: niksmother at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Kim Stagliano said...

Cranio Sacral with a GOOD, qualified person who works with kids was hugely helpful to Bella. TLP was also a big help. I bought TLP on ebay and ran it myself. Screw the SLP.... Who can afford $3,000 for the guidance? To find a CST in your area go to and see who is in your area. Make sure to find one who works with KIDS! There's a huge difference otherwise. And make sure he/she has SEVERAL training classes under her belt.

CST helped Bella's anxiety, told me when it was safe to start certain other treatments, loosened her tight tongue (without that horrible surgery) released a bad hip injury from an in utero turning that hurt her and more. I highly recommend it. Where are you? I'll help you find someone. You can email me from my contact page. Bella sat quietly for the CST although she SCREAMED through many sessions - but never moved. Interesting, yes??? That's why you need a PED CST, not a regular one who works with adults. Very different with our kids.

Michelle O'Neil said...

So sweet. Glad you guys had fun at the zoo. Glad Bella can enjoy.

Your girls are so cute.

(Just started CST with Riley via Dr. Cheryl).

Amanda said...

GOD BLESS THE NHS!! We have had so much help with our girls that we would not have been able to pay for - sensory integration, dietry advice and testing...the list goes on.
Lucy has a thing about penguins and I'm certain she woudl LOVE manities too if she got the chance to see one!
Great piccy, looks like you're all having a great time

Manic Mom said...

I love that picture and totally love that your smooching her. I noticed it was you right away.

I, however, cannot stand carousels. I sit there and get dizzy and try to focus on one spot, and count the times we go around while my kids are bopping up and down on a horse, smiling like maniacs!