Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chicken Soup for the Soul featuring Michele Illionardi!

Michele Illionardi is Mom to three beautiful little boys with autism. She spoke at "Writers on Autism" last June with Barbara Fischkin, me and others. She was also featured in the documentary, Autism Every Day. Michele has a chapter in this new Chicken Soup release about swimming lessons with a young instructor named John.

So what are you waiting for? Here's the link to buy your copy, at Amazon. What a lovely gift for the Mom you know who has a child with special needs!

Michele and I have a running joke. She has three boys with autism.I have three girls with autism. We're an autism Brady Bunch! We've yet to iron out the critical detail of which spouse dies and which gets the divorce.... Her Ralph and my Mark have not been invited to vote. And we're each still searching for an Alice.

Congratulations, Michele!


lumardi said...

Thanks for the props Kim! I'm reading the book right now, it is really very good. I have one story in there, but I think there are about 100 short stories all together. Which is perfect for me because I probably only get peace and quiet for about 8 minutes at a time here, which is just enough to read 2 pages......
Thanks again for blogging the book!

Stephen Parrish said...

All the Chicken Soup books are wonderfully poignant, and this one surely won't disappoint. I look forward to reading it.

Which of Ralph and Mark has the curliest hair? That should solve your dilemma.

Rainmom said...

Hi Kim!
LOVE your blog! Your sense of humor surely gets you through the days...thanks helping other moms like me smile during some of the rough days.

I want to add my congratulations to Michele...way to go! Can't wait to read the book!


Laura said...

Gonna get the book.

Post pictures of Mark and Ralph in some fine polyester duds and we'll decide who's dreamier, or at least who pulls off polyester better. You should have guest stars play the role of Alice for a day. I'll go first!

Kim! Kim! Kim! said...

Lawrer, will you make pork chopsh and appleshaushe?

kristi said...

Awesome, I just purchased this book.