Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do you ever get hungry and just HAVE to make something for yourself? That's me today. Not sure why, but if I don't get some macaroni into my body soon I will faint dead away. So I'm making myself a lunch of fusilli a la carbonara - except I don't have any pancetta, so it's not really a carbonara. My improvised version will do. Before you alert me that I am pregnant I say to you: A) a POX on your house and B) No, I'm not. and C) No, I'm not.

Do you have any favorite foods that resemble parts of your body? This is fusilli:


amanda said...

It's probaly due to lack of beer.

Body parts and food? does a waterbed belly count? :)

We're having pasta and local mussels for tea tonight - yummy yummy in my tummy!

Michelle O'Neil said...

What part of your body does fusilli resemble?

Dare I ask?

Stephen Parrish said...

A couple of examples come to mind, I just don't have the balls to share them.

Kim Stagliano said...

Mussels sound delish. My sqiggly hair, Michelle. And thank you, Stephen.....

Tena said...

A couple of examples come to mind, I just don't have the balls to share them.

I hope Stephen means meat balls.

A Paperback Writer said...

Stephen Parrish,
I teach junior high. Kim's question is the sort of thing one NEVER asks as a creative writing assignment with 9th graders. A comment like your is the type we say, "thanks for not sharing" about when we make stupid mistakes and say things like this in class.
I have learned that you just cut to the jokes immediately when teaching anything that might give them ideas (like the verbs "lay" and "lie"). If they realize that Teacher got there first, they're less likely to go on for hours about it.
Oh yes, I got your joke before you even made it.
(Now, if you were a smart-mouth 14-year-old making that remark in class, my comeback line would've been "Oh, so those mini Vienna sausages in a can?")
Thanks for making me laugh.

mcewen said...

I think it's always your body telling you that you lack something quite specific and whatever you choose sort of covers the gap. Got the hair / fusilli.
I'm shocked to hear that your household lacks pancetta, but maybe you also had time to clean out the fridge.
I crave more or less anything that isn't liquid. Although I might be tempted by the beer!

Jess said...

Or a plague. A plague o' both your houses. =)

It's mice to read your blog. I was talking with John Robison and he advised me to drop in and say hi. =)

MarkZ said...

I love Italian food, and I have no Italian blood in me (half Polish, half Check). Send some good Italian recipes this way. I still have to get back on that treadmill someday. Thank goodness I'm not on Atkins anymore. Pasta + tomato sauce + cheese = Mmm! Almost as good as donuts!

Amanda said...

I have just scored some help with my kids from an unlikely source - a psychology student in 3rd year honours degree course. Apparently they are all after experience with the real thing so could be worth contacting you local uni. I would only have them as an extra pair of hands mind, I wouldn't want to leave them in charge.

Trish Ryan said...

Pasta...yum! So good, in each an every form! And until I married an Italian, I had no idea that you could have lingini one night and shells the next and it counted as two entirely different dinners :)

Drama Mama said...

I resemble a perfectly round, firmly packed tamale.
And yes, I crave them. Always. Piping hot.

And I'm extra spicy, just like a well-made tamale.

LadyBronco said...

I can definitely relate to the fusilli and hair, although on the rare good hair day, it's more rotini than fusilli.

Kim Stagliano said...

Lady Bronco, I just popped into your blog yesterday. GEared up for football season? YEah, I'm a rotinin head too - no angel hair for this gal! Drama - wow! (How did the kids do in school?)

MArkZ - I have a Sunday gravy on the blog back in May I think. Fall is coming, that means cooking more so sure, I'll put up some recipes. I made eggplant parm two weeks ago when the Sunday was in the 60's. Real cooking equates to cooler weather for me. Heat means, "Honey, fire up the grill."

MarkZ said...

I hear ya. We rarely use the oven in July/Aug, especially when it's so humid that you can cut the air with a knife. Love the gas grill. My wife loves eggplant parm.

LadyBronco said...

Football - WHOOT!!

My kids are doing alright in school, but my ADHD son is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to middle school.

With so much going on around him, his brain has a very difficult time keeping up, even while on his medication. Big brother has his back, though, so it will work out just fine, I think.