Tuesday, August 21, 2007

7:00pm addendum: Allow me to be clearer....

My children FOUND craft paint and "madness ensued" to use a much dreaded query letter phrase. I found one of Mark's beers. Mark, is blissfully in Cincinnati (who knew that was even possible) so I managed the paint mess on my own, but I did get a really nice compliment from a stranger tonight.

I took the kids to special ed personal training (don't ask) and a Dad was there with a girl who was clearly a child with autism. Bella marched up to him and performed her usual greeting, which involves a good swipe at the crotch. He looked at her and said, "She has beautiful eyes." (I think his eyes were watering from her "hello".) Then he look at me and said, "And I see where she gets her eyes." Through your agony even? Aw shucks. A nice compliment from a younger (30's?) man? I'll take it.

Of course, I'm wearing baggy, stretched out jeans, my morning attempt at makeup is long gone and the scum on my teeth rivals five day old pudding. Yet, I smiled allowing my lips to stretch just a smidge away from my teeth and said thank you, as I prevented Bella from further emasculating him. On the way home I realized I wasn't wearing my wedding ring. I took it OFF to clean up the God damned paint that Gi and Bella smeared all over my guest room.

So I guess the hideous mess described below was worth it? Jesus, does Mark have any more beer in the downstairs fridge? Sam Adams, I need you, my colonial savior!

Here's the original post.

Craft paint. Children. Home. Quilt. Boredom. Turquoise. Wedding Album. Children. Skin. Craft Paint. Children. Black. Home. IEP's. Boredom. Magenta. Bed sheets. Craft Paint. Clothing. Rain. Craft Paint. Boredom. Children. Home. Out of beer.


The Anti-Wife said...

Out of beer!!!!! No. Not that!

kristen said...

Boredom? Rain? Sounds like us.

Is it too early to open a bottle of wine?

mcewen said...

Bored? You or the kids? Can I send you something? Other than beer?

kristen said...

Oh, I get it. Sorry?

Is it still too early to open a bottle of wine?

Sunshine Route 26 said...

Oh dear.

Sadly, I understood every word.

Oh dear,oh dear,oh dear

Mom26children said...

Sam Adams Summer Ale...my personal favorite.
I remember walking into Caitlin's room a few years ago...the night before we had a birthday cake for one of our children. I smelled an icky sweet smell in the hallway...I opened Caitlin's bedroom door to find icing and cake smeared throughout her room.
I cleaned this room for 3 hours before I decided to spend our last $100.00 on professional cleaning.
Ahhhh...the good ole days.

amanda said...

Bet they had fun though....we have a red hand print on the kitchen ceiling courtesy of no 2 daughter which I can't get off the artex. It's like a permanent Xmas decoration!

So what crossed your mind whilst cleaning? At least it wasn't poo??

Dana said...

Colonial savior - a gal after my own heart. Not that I drink, but men in colonial suits - yum yum.

Anyway, Mindy sent me over here. Nice to meet you.

Manic Mom said...

I just want to see a photo of the ensued madness!!!!!

And maybe you should move ahead to Scotch!

Kim Stagliano said...

Welcome, Dana! And Manic, mmmm, mmmmm, Chivas! But that feels too much like drinking alone (as if I'm ever literally alone) if you know what I mean! Although I did eye the Listerene before bed....