Saturday, May 26, 2007


My Dad, Dr. Richard G. Rossi, is a WWII vet. US Navy. How about you? Got anyone you want to thank in addition to the brave men and women currently deployed around the world? About two weeks ago I met a man named George who was a WWII vet selling poppies outside the Stop & Shop. He had lost most of his fingers in the battle of Normandy. He was 93 years old, stood straight and tall and had the glint of a proud soldier in his eye when he told me his story.


Drama Mama said...

My Dad, Richard, served in the Navy during the Korean War.

He was involved in the "Bikini Blasts" off of Bikini Island. They put the men in boats and then did some nuclear and hydrogen bomb testing. Just to see how they survived.

My Dad is great, still the most awesome Dad in town. Taking writing courses at the community college. But he still battles internal tumors, asthma, and other illnesses.
Here's to him and all of the brave ones.
And let's get those troops home NOW, Mr. Bush?

M. G. Tarquini said...

I've a nephew serving as an officer in the Marines.

I can't talk about it, though. My heart is in my throat every time I think about it.

My Dad, my FIL, both served. Uncles... you know the drill.

Yes, we need the troops to come home now. They've been out there long enough.