Monday, May 28, 2007


I can't wait to meet my friend and American Title III contest winner and soon to be published author Jenny Gardiner at BEA on Saturday! Check out Jenny's fabulous book called "SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER" at her site!

John Robison and I plan to meet on Saturday too. Geez, John, one more meeting and I think we're officially dating! Let's not tell our "mates" OK? (You'll have to read John's book, Look Me In The Eye, to get that joke.) You'd better pre-order it now before it sells out. I think a lot of trees are going down for this book! No kidding.

Also, I'm speaking at an event in NYC on Thursday, June 7th in the Empire State Building. John is also speaking at the event. We will not be announcing our engagement. But do pencil us into your calendar! Details to follow.

Are you attending BEA? Tell me! When, where, what booth. I'll drop by.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Oh I am so jealous on all fronts!

Have a blast!

(What's your speaking engangement)?

Tena said...

Hi Kim,

I envy you too. I went to Johm Robison's site and he is wonderful. I'm buying his book.


KS said...

The book is fantastic, Tena. A powerful read. You feel so many emotions when you read it.

Michelle, if you're jealous of ME your life is in a shambles! LOL! I do love living near NYC - it's so helpful for my writing to be able to pop in - and I happen to adore New York. It's so... so... New York! I get to pretend I'm Carrie Bradshaw - all right, maybe Carrie's dorky cousin. I'll report back from BEA.

Laura said...

Wish I could go! Have a wonderful time!

Holly Kennedy said...

You lucky girl, Kim!
I would love to attend the BEA this year. Have fun. Hope the speaking engagement goes well.

kathie said...

Hey Kim, so you decided to meet up with your buddy, huh? That's terrific because it sounds like you've hit it off. Hope all is well!

Bea there said...

Holly - I'm excited to go. I'm meeting my Backspace/ChickLit pal Jenny. And yes, I'll meet up with John if I can get through the THRONG that will probably want to meet him! I'll bring him cake. He likes cake. His trainer will kill me. His trainer is VERY muscular and could snap my neck with his pinkies. I'll bring him cake too.... BEA here I come!

mcewen said...

Now that's just how gossip gets started - coincidences! Have fun!

mcewen said...

p.s. could you tell John that when you go to 'your' link, none of the links on that site work.