Friday, May 25, 2007

File under "DUH!"

Even low exposure to chemicals can harm fetuses

By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY

An international group of scientists sounded a warning Thursday that exposure to even extremely low doses of some chemicals while a fetus is developing can cause major changes in its future growth, health and ability to reproduce.been linked to increased susceptibility to allergies.

The message is not a new one, but scientists have tended to quietly suggest more research was needed, rather than shouting there's a problem that needs to be dealt with."What's important is that they're saying it," said Andrea Gore,professor of pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Texas, whohas helped organize previous meetings on the topic.

"This says 'Wake up!' " said Brenda Eskenazi, a professor ofepidemiology at the University of California, Berkeley who attended theconference. "This is not about us any more, this is about futuregenerations."

Why aren't they shouting? Autism, Peanut Allergies, Asthma, Food Allergies, Infertility, ADHD, mental illness are through the roof and the scientists are "quietly suggesting" we look into it??? Some Autism Moms SCREAM it every day! Where's my Reeeecola????

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Anonymous said...

Duh, is right. My father died just over a year ago. He was an offset pressman. The doctors believe a chemical he worked with was the cause. The chemical has been banned for many years. He died of a cancer similar to leukemia. Why isnt there more research going on about chemicals in our environment and how they affect us and future generations?
Super K