Thursday, May 03, 2007

I have a raging case of pink eye and must take the day off!
Naw, just kidding. This is me on Easter Sunday. I have my ways of amusing the girls. The alien eyes make Gianna laugh. G has a great laugh. It was well worth the red rings that dug into my eyes to hear her laugh.
I also make Mickey Mouse ears from the dinner dishes every chance I get. I dance around the house with them and for them. I sing and make up crazy songs because the girls love music and can't really tell me if my songs stink or not. Small favors.
Oh, I did take off the pink eggs before Mass. We attract enough attention as we sit in the front pew. Trust me.


icleantoiletnow said...

Honestly, if this is the effect, i don't know why put yourself through Sopranos' marathons.

whoworkhardsoyoudonthaveto said...

Don't forget under the rim and the floor around the base. Don't be dissing Tony - my nickname in high school was Carmella and I can throw a vase just as hard as she can.

Drama Mama said...

Speaking of throwing vases, did you watch Sunday's episode? Is it me, or is Tony getting HUGE? Too much ziti or what? Carmella needs to cool it with the ragu. I'm worried for him. Bacala too.

kimtheblogowner said...

Yeah, Bobby is huge. Tony too. Ragu? I think not. Tony does not get his Sunday gravy from a jar. Carmella has a good arm! I loved that scene. I recall heaving a bowl of raisin bran across my kitchen many years ago - pre-kids. I'm much calmer now. Sort of. Gandolfini is only about 39 or so. He looks like he's in his late 50's at least. The bowed legs? Ew. And he's now wearing a pinky ring -I love that. I will miss that show more than any that has gone off the air.

Laura said...

I sing made up songs to my kids all the time, too, though Harrison occasionally asks me to stop. Guess he's figured out Mommy has a lousy voice!

I was going to say the same thing about Ragu - Carmella would give you that look she does so well (you know, the raised eyebrows, mouth open thing) if she heard that R word mentioned about her food! Yes, I'm going to miss my fatty Tony and his fam when they're gone, too!

ORION said...

ha ha ha ha ha
I want those.
Real bad.

Manic Mom said...

Ahhhh, too cute! I think if we hung out as moms we would have a blast.

BTW, what kind of gum was Drew talking about? The LUBRICATED kind?!??!! ahahahaha

Need an Eric-Kat update by the way girlfriend! Nuthin' on my end 'cept toilets and teeth.

LadyBronco said...

My husband and I LOVE to sing songs to our boys - but since they are teens, we do it purely to embarrass the hell outta them.

Works every time. ;0)

Michelle O'Neil said...


P.S. I love the yellow walls. Yellow walls in our house too.

mcewen said...

Aha! I have been known to wear socks as ears, theirs not mine, but I'm not allowed to sing, hum or whistle under any circumstances.

A couple of times I worse my knickers outside my jeans [superhero phase of development] as well as a visual demo that I hoped they'd catch on to - another campaign failure!