Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recovered. Sort of.

So yesterday I was in the edit zone. Tippy tippy typey! I added a few doses of GCD (goal, conflict, disaster) and amused myself greatly with tormenting my protag. Then smash, bam alakazaam! I lost my MS. Suddenly I was working in "recovery mode." WTFFFFFFFFF!

I didn't panic (unless you count a heart rate the speed of a hummingbird's as panic) and I saved the doc. Added a lot more edits. Saved again. Logged off the computer.

Today I went back into the doc and NONE OF MY FABULOUS EDITS WERE THERE! OK, I panicked. Sure I could recreate them. But I didn't want to and I knew they wouldn't have that fresh "Eureka" kick of yesterday. I edited further on the current doc.

Feeling stupid (my natural state as a new writer) but determined, I looked at ALL my Word docs. And there was one with just my first sentence.... "At the crack of dawn my nine year old niece decided to forego the toilet and poop in her pants." Well, helllooooooooo! There was my doc with all the edits from yesterday. I merged today's edits with yesterday's and now have one finished MS! HOORAY!


ORION said...

What I have learned over the last three years.
Save every five minutes
back up on CDs
put on thumb drives
over and over and over again.

Anissa said...

I was starting to panic for you, thinking you hadn't recovered it. I'm glad all is well. And the edits are finished? That is reason to celebrate. Congrats!

LadyBronco said...

I backup onto a jump drive. Ilove those little gadgets!

(love the new retro look, Kim!)